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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

A Found Beauty!

Hi All!

Every once in a while I score a beauty that requires no work.  Not often, but when I do I get giddy!

Now, many of you will wonder why I like this piece so much.  Many of you will hate it.  Some will love it.  I guess beauty comes in many forms.

house and projects 045 

house and projects 046

Look at that patina!  Swoon.

house and projects 047

house and projects 049

It is worn in all the right spots.  The colors are amazing.  I did spray it with clear enamel to preserve its fabulous finish.

Despite my love for this gem, it is for sale in B-10.

Enjoy the day!



1 comment:

Jamie said...

What a great find - it won't last long in the shop

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