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Thursday, March 8, 2012

A Wrap up & A Store Update

How glad am I to see this week end?  I know I said that last week too.  I may be in need of a vacation.

Did you miss me yesterday?  I didn’t post because of the week we had here.

The week started with a puker in the house, an ill hubby with a chest cold and myself battling the sinus crud.  O the joy.  Then I got the stomach flu.  More joy.

Thankfully, daughter #1 escaped without suffering.  We leave today for the Junior Olympic State Swim Meet.  Daughter #1 swims Saturday and Sunday mornings.  We need her healthy.

As if we didn’t need to be at the pool early enough, someone tossed in daylight savings?  Really?  It rocks my world every spring.

While my week did not go as originally planned, I managed to get to my spaces and get it updated for the weekend.  It was a fast fix.


You can see the china cabinet sold.  I will need a big piece to fill that hole.


B-20 looked so sad without the barn door.  Not to mention everything was moved to get her out.


I did the best I could with what I had and the little energy I could muster.


Here’s a new hutch.  I left the paint as found but covered the back with old book pages and and the inside with a blue paint.


I may have to make a new sign.  The burlap banner looked much better on the barn door.


B-10 also received a quick spruce up.





I have a few larger pieces in production and hope to finish them next week.  Until then, there are many treasures and lots of great sales at both spots!

Have a great weekend!



michelle@decorandthedog said...

I have the plague as well. You look like you've accomplished much more than I have this week!

Anonymous said...

Again I love everything! Especially the bird picture hanging on the door!

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