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Sunday, March 11, 2012

What I know…


We are back from a long weekend at Bowling Green State University.  Daughter #1 did great at the Jr Olympic State Swim Meet!  It was fun to watch many of our swimmers achieve their personal best. 

Fortunately, we are no longer disease ridden and we can mark the flu off our list.  It stopped with me and thankfully spared Hubby and Daughter #1.

So we get to start this week off fresh!  With a birthday!  My very own.

I vow to take the day to relax and enjoy.  When planning the day, I reflected a bit and thought I would share some life lessons I have learned.  Mind you, I am not a deep kinda gal, so it’s nothing revolutionary – just a few things that I keep in mind.

What I know…

Miles between friends do not matter*Material items are overrated*Our society is too disposable*5th grade algebra sucks, even as an adult*Stress causes gray hair, so do husbands and kids*There is nothing more rewarding than having a positive impact on another life*Volunteering your time and talent should be required*Creativity is the best medicine*Laughter is a close second*Competitive athletics are necessary*Good sportsmanship is too*Simple is good*You’re never too old to learn*Patience is innate -I was born without*Pictures are priceless*Whoever told me parenting gets easier should be shot*Kids are amazing*Academics matter before the last semester of HS*Grain alcohol should not be ingested by college girls*Life is what you make it*Change can be a Good Thing*

Cheers to a Great week!


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