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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Never Say Never

You may recognize this baby:

Vintage Restyled 2 002

My beautiful barn door.

Oh how I love thee.

cake 011

It arrived from Indiana about a year ago.  I swore I would not sell it.

My hope was to use it in my home.  Didn’t work.

Then, the thought was to place it in the cottage.  That didn’t work.

When I opened my second space October 1, I discovered that it made the perfect backdrop.

stores 007

With mixed emotions I must report that my baby found a new home.

Bye Barn door.

Vintage Restyled 2 001

I would love to know how the new owner will use her.  It is such a fabulous and unique door, I am sure it will be well loved.

The moral of my post and a lesson I have learned since selling my wares…Never Say Never.  Eventually, I sell it all!



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