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Monday, March 19, 2012

My Best Customer!

I rarely get to meet my customers.  A few have reached out to me via email or FB, but I often do not meet them in person.  That is why this post may surprise you.
The best customer of Vintage Restyled is not who you would expect. 
  • First off, it’s a dude. 
  • Secondly, all his purchases are landing in a gym. 
Not exactly the home that I envisioned my transformed furniture ending up.
Michigan has been a long time follower of this little blog.  On December 1, he opened Cross Fit Future (CF2) in Blacklick, OH.  I love to see people follow their passion, and this is certainly his.  Checkout his blog: Cross Fit Future
When I posted some pieces on FB, his reply was…I’ll take them.
MidMarch 008
Rustic Hutch
MidMarch 005
Rustic Dresser with great storage.
MidMarch 004
I bought this with Michigan in mind.  Painted the legs a pale blue to match a previously purchased table.
early march 039
Red Legged Table
Feb Iphone 008
This by-passed my store and landed in Michigan’s daughters room.
Feb Iphone 043
This bookcase is in my storage unit.  Yep, he nabbed that too.
Feb Iphone 095
2 of these chairs
Iphone 055
Library table with painted and distressed legs.
Vintage rocker
WOW!  We just delivered quite a bit of the stuff.  I am so incredibly thankful for his purchases and his faith in my goods.  He is creating a very cool environment with a mix of shabby and rustic pieces.
Though he’s a Michigan grad, he has some good taste – don’t you think?
I was slowing down my painting and had taken on two custom projects.  But of course all that has changed!  I will be restocking mid-week with some new gems.  So stay tuned, you will see a lot of before/afters.


Polly said...

that's awesome....wish i had a michigan! good for you!

Anonymous said...

so great that you were able to meet him!!

michelle@decorandthedog said...

A dude with good taste. I like it.

I have a random question for you. Have you posted about how you got started with your booth? What it takes to keep up? Why you decided on the location that you did? I'm pondering some things and I'm curious!

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