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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Shabby Sofa Table

I am looking forward to my girls spring break!  It starts today at 4:00.  We have some fun things planned, a few projects and hopefully some R & R.
But before I leave you for a week, I thought I would share a completed project.

I found this table late last week.  I loved the size and the legs, so I loaded her in the van and made her pretty again.

This table could land anywhere.  Perfect for an entry, bedroom, bathroom, hallway or even as a laptop desk.
Finished in ASCP Old White it will work with any color palette.

She will be in the store by Saturday along with doors and a few other gems.

Before we leave town I will be restocking and then taking in The Hunger Games.  Finally!
Have a great week.
See you in April.



Covering Pegboard with Doors

I shared on FB that I have been painting up a storm. 001

I like to start as many projects as possible and complete most.

Since everything is in some stage besides finished, I jumped to some other projects that have been on my list.

Since my beloved Barn Door sold…

early march 055

all you can see is that awful pegboard.  Oh how I loath the pegboard.  A While ago, I convinced Daughter #2 and her friend that it would be big fun to Mod Podge.  When that didn’t fly, I bribed them with $.


They covered roller shades with sheet music for me.  They were placed on the right side of my booth.

Well, the girls are too busy so I busted out the Mod Podge and got busy.  Yes, I like the look but there was no big fun had by me.

crafts 001

I got bored, so I decided to revamp three old, solid wood, 5-panel doors.

in progress mid march 005

Aren’t they pretty?

crafts 019

Prettier now with a turquoise oops paint.

crafts 022

For whatever reason, the true color is not coming through in my photos.  So I dragged one outside.  Let me tell you, these suckers are heavy!



I am debating whether to rough them up a bit.  I’m living with them until tomorrow, when I will ultimately decide.

All three will arrive in the shop by Saturday.  I hope to cover the pegboard or hinge them together and block my neighbor’s crap stuff from view.

They will be available for purchase.  Why would you purchase a door?

  • Decorate a blank space in a room
  • Use one as a headboard and hang horizontally.
  • Use all three as a headboard and add height, texture and dimension to your bedroom.
  • Of course if the size is right, you can use it for its intended purpose.
  • A desk
  • A table

Ironically, Miss Mustard Seed did a post on doors.  For inspiration – check it out here.

Enjoy the sunshine!



Wednesday, March 21, 2012

A New Chandi

There is no doubt, summer has arrived.  I could not bring myself to spend another day in the garage painting, so I decided to get my craft on.

I’m a big fan of spray paint as I mentioned here.  I grabbed a brass chandi – which you all have seen – and some high gloss white and have a new light fixture.



The little light sleeves can be tricky.  I have slid them on a broom handle and spray painted them.  Works like a charm.

But today, I went with Mod Podge and an old book.



The top is frayed but with a light bulb, no one is the wiser!

There you have an easy update!


I also must share that my red legged table was featured!  Check it out!




Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Two Rustic Projects

Wow – did we go from winter to summer?  My car read 86 degrees!  It’s March people! 

Ya know this heat does not bode well for some painting projects.  Stuff doesn’t dry as well and certainly won’t cure as quickly as I would like.  But, I continue to paint away.

I have moved a few of these vintage dressing tables.  And I completed another with a rustic vibe.


This is pretty much how I found her.  I sanded and stained the top.

Didn’t like how knotty it was, so I gave her some paint.



Using ASCP in Aubusson Blue and French Linen, I streaked the top.  After sanding it to blend the colors, I coated it with a stain.

All done.

I love the shape of these tables and think they can be used as a dressing table, a sewing table (obviously not for me, since I do not sew) or an end table.

This has a great weathered look and a rustic feel.

Project #2

Another project that I just moved into the store is a pair of chairs.


They are as ugly as my garage!




They are beat up and lovely.  They have a dark stain in spots for a distressed look.

I love them together and envision someone using them as a bench in a mudroom or on a patio even.

Apparently, I was in a rustic mood when I completed both of these.  I am switching it up and have some gray and white pieces in the works.

Be back with more tomorrow!



Monday, March 19, 2012

My Best Customer!

I rarely get to meet my customers.  A few have reached out to me via email or FB, but I often do not meet them in person.  That is why this post may surprise you.
The best customer of Vintage Restyled is not who you would expect. 
  • First off, it’s a dude. 
  • Secondly, all his purchases are landing in a gym. 
Not exactly the home that I envisioned my transformed furniture ending up.
Michigan has been a long time follower of this little blog.  On December 1, he opened Cross Fit Future (CF2) in Blacklick, OH.  I love to see people follow their passion, and this is certainly his.  Checkout his blog: Cross Fit Future
When I posted some pieces on FB, his reply was…I’ll take them.
MidMarch 008
Rustic Hutch
MidMarch 005
Rustic Dresser with great storage.
MidMarch 004
I bought this with Michigan in mind.  Painted the legs a pale blue to match a previously purchased table.
early march 039
Red Legged Table
Feb Iphone 008
This by-passed my store and landed in Michigan’s daughters room.
Feb Iphone 043
This bookcase is in my storage unit.  Yep, he nabbed that too.
Feb Iphone 095
2 of these chairs
Iphone 055
Library table with painted and distressed legs.
Vintage rocker
WOW!  We just delivered quite a bit of the stuff.  I am so incredibly thankful for his purchases and his faith in my goods.  He is creating a very cool environment with a mix of shabby and rustic pieces.
Though he’s a Michigan grad, he has some good taste – don’t you think?
I was slowing down my painting and had taken on two custom projects.  But of course all that has changed!  I will be restocking mid-week with some new gems.  So stay tuned, you will see a lot of before/afters.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Spray Painting Season!

Happy Friday!
It is certainly spring here, could even be considered summer with these temps.
That means it’s spray paint season!
As you know, I am a lover of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint.  Latex has a place in my heart too.  And I will always have a love affair with spray paint!
When I suggest spray painting to people, they think I am kidding or they doubt my recommendation.  Folks, it is easy, cheap and serves a necessary purpose!  It is also the way I started.  For under $4, you can transform anything.
home projects 002
My very first project and the first desk I sold when I opened Vintage Restyled.  It sold on opening day!
home projects 011
Oh, the overspray!
home projects 020
All done.  I kinda miss that one.
home projects 012home projects 018
Bedroom Mirror reno 006Bedroom Mirror reno 007
table and more 017Green 001
Here are a few tips:
  • Be sure to select the finish for the project– flat, semi or gloss.  It’s a personal preference.
  • There is specific spray paint for plastic, if this is what you are painting.
  • You will have roughly a 4 foot overspray, so clear the area and place drop cloths.
  • Make sure you are in a well ventilated area.  Having used chalk paint for so long, I tend to forget this!
  • Lay your item down – DO NOT spray your item when it is standing upright – you will get drips.  For example- on my desk, I removed the drawers, laid them so the drawer front was flat and then sprayed.
  • Use long, fluid strokes NOT short
  • After the first coat is dry, look for missed areas, sand out any bumps or imperfections.  Then give it a light sanding.  Many times I skip this step.
  • Go for coat #2.
  • Let dry completely.  It will still take a bit for the paint to fully cure, so be gentle with the item, but you are pretty much done.
  • I always use spray paint on items with tons of detail ie: bird cages, picture frames, chandi’s.
  • Spray paint comes in a million colors, is easy to use and is a cheap way to transform anything.
Now that it’s spray paint season – go get your paint on!