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Thursday, February 9, 2012

An Update

Hi All,

I started blogging here at Vintage Restyled in April 2011.  Now, I can work a Compound Miter Saw, rock the sander and love to sling the paint, but computer work…not my thang.

I knew I would not be able to make my blog look the way I wanted.  I knew the learning curve was more like a mountain and we all know I am way to impatient for that!

In the 10 months that I have been spewing posts, I have learned a bit and realized some things along the way.  So, it was time for an update of this little blog.

Since Kristin did such a great job setting up Vintage Restyled originally, when I needed an update I simply called on her again.  If you need a tweak or want to start a blog, I would recommend her.

Vintage Restyled

My new tagline arrived and looks terrific! 

She also added pages for me, including Featured and Advertise.

Featured is just that.  When a project is featured on another blog, I will share it here.

Advertise is brand new around here.  As Vintage Restyled continues to grow every month, I am now offering affordable options to other businesses to reach over 10,000 folks every month.  And I have my first advertiser!

A friend of mine recently started an online business. 


Please check out her site.  You are sure to find some pretty cool things!

So there you have it.  Some updates to my blog, a new venture – advertising and some more projects to share with you all shortly!

Enjoy the day!



The Paupers Castle said...

I actually looked at Kristin's site yesterday. I am glad to hear the good review. I am thinking of contacting her. I figured out a few things along the way, but my home-made header is just that...home made! Love yours! Looks fantastic. Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing, I'm going to look at Kristin's stuff!

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