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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Sharing the Love

We had school parties on Friday.  The girls selected their candy of choice and then made tags for each kid in their class.

Daughter #1 completed this task with little issue.

Daughter #2 required a bit more attention.  She selected blow pops.  Harmless enough.

She was on Pinterest and found the saying, “I’m a sucker for you.”  So we made those for the girls in her class.

For the boys, she decided “You Suck” was appropriate.  Yeah, not so much!

After envisioning the 10 phone calls from the boys parents, another from her teacher and finally the principal, I quickly put an end to that. 

Now most kids bring in a decorated shoe box or a bag to collect their valentine’s.  Daughter #2 would not have that.


A wooden mailbox on stilts.  This was painted in ASCP Old White and Emperor’s Red.


I have created a monster!


Daughter #1 also branched out with her “mailbox”.


She actually painted this last year.  It is an old bread box that I found.  She loves it!

Hope you enjoy the day and share the love!



Anonymous said...

So creative, they look great!

Polly said...

love it! thanks for the morning giggle!! i bet i think of her "you suck" valentine greeting and giggle throughout the day!!

their boxes are adorable! they are definitely following in your footsteps!!

The Painted Parlor said...

you've created a monster....that's funny!

happy valentine's day, i hope it's full of love!

Tat @ Mum in search said...

I agree, you wouldn't want to spend Valentine's day on the phone to the principal. You've taught your girls well :)

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