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Wednesday, February 8, 2012


I try to limit myself to 15-30 minutes a day on Pinterest.  I usually get on at night and most of the people I follow have scouted out some goodies!

So, I have boards where I saved my favorites.  Now what?

Over the weekend we had family over for a gathering.  We also had soccer and a swim meet, so I needed to prepare food in advance.

I turned to my Recipe Board for inspiration and recipes.

First up was an appetizer.  We wanted hand held food, so people could watch the game without holding a bunch of stuff.

Individual 7 Layer Dips. How cute is that?!  I'm thinking 'Superbowl'.

These turned out super cute and I used 7 layers of what we like.  Instead of Guacamole, I used fresh avocado that I sprinkled on the top right before serving.  We also served with veggies as an alternative to chips.


Oh this was divine!  I am a huge fan of Tiramisu and this was easy and delicious!

Now this baby was also on my board:

Lunch meat stadium (not sure who gets credit for this crafty feast, sorry.)

I did not even attempt to make this monster.  But if you are savvy in the kitchen (which I am not), this would be great.

Do you Pin?  What have you done with your Pins?

Not on Pinterest? Email me and I will get you hooked!

Have a great day!



michelle@decorandthedog said...

I am making Death by Oreos as we speak. Darn Pinterest.

Anonymous said...

I love Pinterest! I made the ham Swiss and Poppyseed sliders I saw on there for the Super Bowl, and they were AMAZING!

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