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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

We Did What???

Hi All,

I love reading all the Best of’s from my favorite bloggers.  It is amazing what people can do in a year.  Of course that lead me to reflect on my accomplishments, misses and measure my goals for 2011.

At this time last year, I was wrapping up my two year term as President of a Non-Profit organization.  This position was the equivalent of a full-time job.  Suddenly, I would have some extra time on my hands.  My first post of 2011 was done on Word Press (yes, I started on WP and jumped to blogger in April) and was titled: Starting Simple

After Christmas Projects 036

That was the only simple project in 2011!  My resolution lasted less than 48 hours and that free time I thought I would have, was quickly filled with thrifting, fixing, painting and more painting.


January – we worked like crazy to get ready for the opening of my first space at Heritage Square Antique Mall.  Hubby built a spray booth and we invested in a sprayer and all the necessities. 

chest 016

February – we opened Vintage Restyled!  We underestimated how quickly items would sell and found ourselves busier than ever, trying to restock and maintain.

My space 053

My space 058

April – The Other Gabor Sister on WP, became, Vintage Restyled on Blogger.  That was no easy task and I am so thankful I found a professional and she held my hand through the process.

May – I worked with the women’s board of our art museum to redo numerous tables and bookshelves for their fundraiser.  It was great to have my pieces featured in a different venue and I am so thankful to Lisa for the wonderful opportunity!

Spring 022lake 097lake 101

June – This little blog was featured on a local remodeling show!  I was fortunate enough to be asked to finish a desk for the spot.  And, I completed my first client project!

Decorate Columbus 012headboard 010

July – we moved to the lake and I explored Northern Indiana for treasures.  While enjoying the laid back lifestyle, we accomplished some projects.  The fireplace was our largest project yet!

Cottage Fireplace 001Cottage Fireplace 026cottage thrift 002

October – we opened Vintage Restyled Too!  The space is not far from the original one and allowed me to move some larger items.  I quickly realized I could not maintain that pace and will close one in 2012.

Vintage Restyled 2 001Iphone Jan 2012 590

November – I was contacted by two companies to provide Giveaways to my readers!  I loved that and hope I am fortunate to provide more this year.

Along the way we revamped two bathrooms, made the playroom into a den and completely overhauled the guest room. 

WOW!  Like I said, there was nothing simple about 2011! 

I am still attempting to streamline my goals for 2012.  Where I want to focus my time and energy, where I wish to sell my wares, is my blog a hobby or part of a business…lots to mull over.

One of the nice things about having an online journal is the accountability.  So once I have arrived at my direction, I will share.

I hope you are all staying true to your goals/resolutions!




michelle@decorandthedog said...

Isn't it fun having a journal of all of your projects? I didn't realize how much fun it was until I posted today's post! Happy New Year!

Carrie @ Hazardous Design said...

My you have been busy in 2011! I had no idea that you only recently opened the booth. You are an inspiration, as that is an idea I've been toying for a little while...maybe when we finish renovating the house :)

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