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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

A Neighbor-Hater Screen

Hi All,
It is not that I hate my neighbor.  I just hate to see their stuff.  So I created a rustic screen to block them and their stuff from view.
I won this tri-fold screen at auction back in April.  It is pretty beat up.
When I won this my plan was to insert chicken wire and paint it all nice and pretty.
As time passed, so did that idea.
Instead, let me share what we came up with to restyle this baby.
Our first step was to roughly paint the screen.  I made some black chalk paint and applied it lightly over the wood.  I wanted the wood to show through in spots.
Next, we used many burlap, feed sacks to fill the 6 spaces.
We applied chicken wire to the top middle panel.  I wanted to be able to hang items in my store for display, so that is the idea behind that.
Using a pneumatic staple gun, we applied all.  This is a two person job.
And here she is displayed in the store and blocking my neighbor.
See, no more neighbor.  It also helps define my space a bit better.
You will be seeing this a lot in photos because it is not for sale yet.  Of course, it’s the only thing in my space not for sale and I could have sold it 8 times over!  Go figure!
Have a great day!


Polly said...

Ha! Our neighbors on BOTH sides have plastic shelves. UGGG! The screens work perfectly! This one is very cool! Nice job!

Janet- OPEN MARKET STYLE said...

Good to see you yesterday !
Your screen is great I am lucky I can not see my neighbors booth beside me :)
Enjoy your day !!

michelle@decorandthedog said...

Way to be resourceful!

tricia @ mash-up chic said...

awesome idea and wonderfully executed!

Tat @ Mum in search said...

Your screen is a much better view for sure!

amy@winecountrymama said...

Very cute. I had to come by and check it out! Thank You for the sweet comment on my old window project

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