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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Motivation to Return to the Beach

Since we have returned from Florida Hubby has been working me like a dog.  He keeps saying – you need to work on this…this needs to go to the shop…let’s go to storage and get a piece.  You get the drill.

Well, I am proud to share that Vintage Restyled helped pay for our family vacation in December.  Through my sales I was able to save and thank my family for their support, as we plopped our booties on the beach.

Apparently, Hubby and the kids are ready for another vacation because they are encouraging me to work even more!

The first day back I had nothing more planned than to sit and watch college football all day.  (Yes, I am a college football junkie).


In his mind, I was being unproductive. 


So, Hubby brought two matching tables downstairs and sat them right in front of the tv.

I painted while he sat.


These tables are high quality and straight from the 60’s.

Some ASCP in Old White could fix those babies right up.


I then highlighted certain areas with Paris Gray.  A light sanding and some distressing added a little character.  Very Shabby Chic.


Cool mirrored knobs add some pizazz to the pair.  They are perfect as end tables or night stands.


And there they are in space B-20 waiting for a new home.  Sorry for the picture quality - as you can see, lighting is a big issue at the antique mall!

Ah, the power of paint and the desire to return to the beach!





Polly said...

love it!

my husband is the exact opposite. he would NEVER let me paint in the house. i am the messiest painter ever. it's cool that you could do two things you love at the same time, and spend time with the mister!!

michelle@decorandthedog said...

What a sweet husband! :)

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