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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Living Like We’re Selling

This is our fourth home.  We seem to paint every room twice and then decide to move.  We have been here 7 years and while I have gotten the itch, we are not moving any time soon!

Instead, we are living like we are selling.  Why would we install hardwood floors when we plan to move?  Why replace the carpet and paint when we sell?  Why not do it NOW and enjoy our home?

So, we started this weekend with Hubby’s office. 

You can tell that I originally went with classic colors.  This color matched NOTHING in our home.



Hubby patched the holes, but this spot was not drying.  A quick visit from our builder resulted in a hole in the wall.


Apparently, when we hung a picture we drove a nail right through the pipe.  Yikes!

We used the same paint as the guest room walls.  It looks blue with the natural light, but really is more gray. 


The painting used to hang in Hubby’s grandparents home.  It was painted by an Italian artist and holds fond memories for him.



We are fortunate to have wonderful woodwork in this small space.  The color really makes the wood pop.

Much better!  One room down, many, many more to go!



The Painted Parlor said...

I know what you mean, one room down and many to go!! Doesn't it always feel like there is something to fix, patch, or paint?! Yours turned out beautiful!

tricia @ mash-up chic said...

love the light blue with the deep wood tones, and the special painting. U R so good!

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