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Thursday, January 26, 2012

I am Not a Baker

Luau birthday cake

This is the cake my 10 year old would like for her birthday.  Made by me.

I am not a baker.

I do not rock the fondant either.

Darn that cake boss!

After convincing her that fondant was not happening, we arrived at her consolation cake.

Yes people that is a Tiki hut!  And Palm Trees!

Remember being 10?  All things were possible.

I am flattered that she thinks I can do this.

I’m freaking.

The three day project will begin shortly.  Stay tuned.


All pictures are from Pinterest.

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Polly said...

Shannon, good luck! You are a determined person, so I'm certain you'll pull this off!! I hate cooking and baking and wouldn't know where to even start. I just do my best! For future reference, my local friend Olivia at O So Yummy Cakes can help you out...she's awesome! And very affordable! You can find her business on facebook!

STARDUST said...

Hi Shannon! This is my first visit here, I found you through the Home Savvy AtoZ and I love all your transformed pieces! I've already become your follower and hope to see you soon over at my place too!
Have a nice day,

tricia @ mash-up chic said...

you got this girl, your creativity will rock it!

michelle@decorandthedog said...

She's 10...will she really know if you don't make the cake. ;)

Todd and Jodi said...

Cute blog!! Thanks for coming over to visit me at Cottage Charm Creations!

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