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Friday, January 6, 2012

The Holidays are Officially Over!

Is the weekend here already?  That was the shortest week ever! 

With the girls in school Wednesday and Thursday, I quickly went to the spaces to remove Christmas.  I know, a bit behind but I felt better when I looked around at other booths and saw Christmas trees prominently displayed.

B-20 was the worst.  Please remind me that decorating with live greenery is a BAD idea.  Needles, needles everywhere!


It was in bad shape.  I think I made it worse for a while, but then slowly put it back together.

I moved some pieces in to block the neighbors fill the holes.


Remember this?  It finally made its debut in B-20.


The cabinet has a rustic finish, oil rubbed bronze hardware and of course the stenciled back.


My daughter and her friend covered roller shades (purchased at GW) with Mod Podge and sheet music.  They work perfectly to cover some peg board.


I brought in a pair of vintage, collector skis. I just love them and if they do not sell, I have a great place at the lake for them. 

Even though I was clearing out all my holiday stuff, I couldn’t resist hanging a few cuties for decoration.



They seem to fit with my space, so they are staying (for a while).

I also added many red tags – I am moving things out!

The holidays are officially over at home and now in both spaces.

I love to clean out, reassess and plan.  In the beginning of the year all things are possible.  By February I will probably lose my mojo, but so far I am on a roll. 

A blog I follow posted A Clean and De-Cluttered house in 30 days.  What 30 days?  it’s worth a try, right?  You can view the post here.

Have a great weekend!  See you next week with some projects and a cleaner house!




Tat @ Mum in search said...

Happy New Year. It sounds like you've had a bit of work to do before the end of the holidays. Love your decorations, nothing better to keep the festive spirit with you!

Polly said...

love the book page wall! i LOATHE the pegboard. like literally, it makes me want to scream every time i'm in my booth!! ok, i'm done venting now!! :-)

the hutch looks great!

we are in organize mode here too......our storage area is about half done! yay!

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