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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Do You Pin?

Follow Me on Pinterest

Okay, so I thought I was way behind on social media.  I dabble with Facebook, have a Pinterest account with a few likes and boards, lost my twitter password and never did anything about it and have no idea what the other favicons are that I see in blogland.

While I might not be savvy in this area, I found that others are just now noticing Pinterest.

This social media outlet offers the best eye candy all in one place.  You can search birthday parties – and see the latest trends or you can be specific and type in Luau Party.  Of course I love the crafts, DIY projects and especially home decorating.  It allows a blogger (and everyone else) to see what’s trending.

Tangerine is the hue for 2012.  I am struggling with that color as it applies to my business.  Do people really want a tangerine desk?  By using Pinterest, I can see unique and creative ways to use this hot color.

If your resolution is to waste more time on your computer, than this is the site for you!  Consider yourself warned – this site sucks you in and the minutes move to hours and suddenly your kids are home and wanting dinner.  Just saying.

I understand that you can go to Pinterest and request an invite.  That may take a few days.

If you just can’t wait (like me), then like Vintage Restyled on FB here or here and I will send you an invite.  You can get started immediately.

Then once you’re on, you can begin following friends, blogs, cool people, etc.  Very fun.

Here is a great tutorial on Pinterest:

Happy pinning-




michelle@decorandthedog said...

I'm now Pinterest stalking you!

J said...

I too love pinterest, follow me at


Carrie @ Hazardous Design said...

I was a reluctant Pinterester when I first started hearing the buzz, but then I just had to see for myself what was so great about it.
Now I'm hooked.

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