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Friday, December 21, 2012

All I Want for Christmas

The gifts have been purchased, wrapped and shipped.  The Christmas cards mailed and the house decorated.

Now let’s see what is on my list…

All I want for Christmas is a handyman.  Yep, nothing material, nothing glitzy, just a dude that will work for me.

He would:

  • Fix all my treasured finds
  • Prep my treasures for paint
  • Lift and move all the heavy stuff
  • Clean all the crud from my finds
  • Clean up after me

In addition, he would:

  • Not question my crazy ideas
  • Know how to rewire and install my lovely light fixtures (there are a lot)
  • Come with his own state of the art tools
  • Perhaps refill my coffee
  • Praise my crazy ideas and say, “wow you are genius!”


  • He would work around the clock or when I need him.  No questions asked.
  • He would go home to eat and do his own laundry.

This is not disrespectful to Hubby.  Fortunately, Hubby has a full time job that requires his attention.  When he’s not working, our new house has lots of projects that need his love.  So, as I see it, the Handyman would be beneficial to Hubby as well.

Hope Santa subscribes to my blog!


Thursday, December 20, 2012

A Metallic Finish

Apparently in my effort to get caught up on posts this week, I sent two yesterday.  I didn’t even know that could happen.  If you missed the second one, be sure to catch it here.

As a follow up to that post, I want to share my opinion of a new paint that I tested.

Metallic finishes are all the rage.  I love the look and went in search of a deep silver, graphite, smoke color.

Martha Stewart has a line at Home Depot and offers many colors.  I read a few reviews and they were mixed.  I decided to seek out the brand Modern Masters.  I found it locally.

The store is discontinuing this brand and many were on sale.  Many colors were also sold out.  I settled on Steel Grey.

Okay, on with the paint.

Laura & Pantry 038

This beat up table sits in our foyer.  I painted it with Milk Paint and did not like it.  Rather than fix it, I simply left it, until today.  This seemed like the perfect test table.

choir concert 038

This is with one coat.  Now this paint is semi-opaque.  It does not cover but does leave a beautiful shine.

choir concert 039

Since I couldn’t leave it alone, I applied another coat.

Smoke mettaliacs 006

Smoke mettaliacs 008

Smoke mettaliacs 010

I must say, I like it much better with two coats.  My daughter made the rooster – how cute is that?

I wasn’t completely sold on the paint.  So, I tried it out again.

Laura & Pantry 011

An oak pedestal table.

Smoke mettaliacs 011

First, I painted Annie Sloan Chalk Paint, Graphite.  Just one coat.

Smoke mettaliacs 012

graphite 001

graphite 002graphite 003

It was perfect over the Graphite.  It gave it a beautiful, metallic sheen.

The color is hard to capture.  It goes on very streaky.  You can see it in these photos.  The table is also a bit wet, since I wanted to snap the picture before dark.

This is the Steel Grey, semi-opaque by Modern Masters.  I would recommend it over a dark paint only.  It provides a rich, metallic finish.  I will see how it wears over time.

Thanks for stopping by!


Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Dreaded Project

I thought I would jump start my reoccurring New Year’s Resolution.  I would attack the dreaded pantry.

This darn area has been my nemesis since we moved in.  It hit an all time low when I went to set the table for Thanksgiving and could not find my linens, napkins, candle sticks, candles…

I swore I would find these items, and my china before Christmas.

Now before you look at the photos, remember DO NOT JUDGE!

Laura & Pantry 014

Upon opening the door

Laura & Pantry 015

Laura & Pantry 016

Around the corner

It got so bad that we just tossed things in the direction of the shelves!

Laura & Pantry 018

The back shelving

It was bad!

We pulled everything out.

Laura & Pantry 021

Laura & Pantry 020

The last, I hope, of the moving boxes.

And now…

Laura & Pantry 023

Laura & Pantry 024

I added two metal, display boards from Ikea.  This will get the stuff off my fridge.

Laura & Pantry 025

My first thought was to hit The Container Store and get cool organizing bins.  Hubby discouraged that approach and I am grateful.  Now I will see what I need and buy accordingly.  Trip to Ikea?

After we opened every box, sorted all the china, glassware, etc. I never found my linens.  Hmmm… We do not have a dining room, so we are trying to figure out what we will use and how to store accordingly.  

This brings us some peace in this chaotic season!


Holiday Happenings

choir concert 039

I have a new paint I am trying out.

On the fence, so before I give an official review, I have another table to attack.

choir concert 038

It’s a semi-opaque metallic paint.  Very different from my usual paint of choice – Annie Sloan Chalk Paint.  It’s tough to photograph and give you the full feel.


I am spotty with my posting as we prepare for the holidays and the new year.  I promise it’s not a lack of work on my part!  Lots going on and nursing a sick child has put me out of sorts.

A highlight of my week was the 5th grade choir performance at the Columbus Zoo.

choir concert 040

My little one is the second from the right.  These 4 cuties were singing their hearts out.

choir concert 035

You can see her reaction when the teacher suggested the audience sing along.  She was horrified that I would sing.


Lastly, I popped in to Heritage Square Antique Mall earlier this week.  There are lots of treasures, Christmas items and d├ęcor, all at great prices!

choir concert 001choir concert 002choir concert 009

choir concert 003choir concert 004choir concert 007

Hope you are all having a good & productive week!


Monday, December 17, 2012

Deck the Halls

Last Thursday NAWN hosted its annual board breakfast.  This was my last event as a board member.  It’s hard to believe.  Without getting sentimental about the last 7 years, I know you would love to see the house where the event took place!!

Laura is one of those gals that has it all together.  Down to the last detail.  This applies to her home as well as her life.

Laura & Pantry 002

Laura & Pantry 003

Laura & Pantry 006

Laura & Pantry 005

She covered every detail!  It was a nice time in a lovely home. 

It’s so nice to relax with friends.  Hope I can get my house in order to allow guests!

Cheers to a great week – finishing your shopping, planning, wrapping and decorating!


Friday, December 14, 2012

A Barn Project

Today is a big day.  Why you wonder?

We have a project starting here.  And to make things more exciting, Hubby is paying someone to do it!

So we have this awesome barn.  It was built in the late 1800’s.  The craftsmanship is spectacular – square nails, solid beams…

Misc move 003

stairs 005

Here is the loft.  Can you see the scary ladder the kids climb?

stairs 006

There are no rails to break your fall.

Basically if you’re a dare devil or under the age of 12 you will go to the loft.


We are having stairs and rails put in.  The stairs will be built in one of the horse stalls and run up through the loft floor.  To do this, they will be cutting the floor in a small section.

We do not want to witness this part!

stairs 015

The best part of the project (to me) is that we are using all salvaged barn wood. 

The best part of the project for the girls & Hubby is that the loft will be a usable space.  It will be the kids hang out area.

Have a great weekend!


Thursday, December 13, 2012

Holiday Card Displays

What do you do with your Holiday cards?

The cards have started rolling in and it’s time to display these babies.

painted shutter for christmas cards

Display on a painted shutter.

Christmas Card Christmas Tree on the wall

Display in a tree form.

Christmas card holder

Ribbon display

Christmas card wreath!

How to make a Christmas card tree.

I love this!

Card Garlands

#Christmas card garland with glittered clothes pins

This is fancier than mine, but similar.  It was the easiest way to display a bunch of cards.  And if I need more room, I simply go on the other side of the doorway.

All the images were found on Pinterest.  Additional Christmas ideas can be found here.


Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Going Red

A little over a year ago I transformed my girls playroom.

hall table and playroom 018

The white Ikea couch looked so crisp.

Many months later, the couch has been home to many kids, the dog, shoes, food and beverage, markers and the latest was hot cocoa.

We have scrubbed and bleached the covers but it just did not look good.


swim and red couch 006

Red slipcovers.

swim and red couch 007

Oh how I love the clean new look!

swim and red couch 009

It works perfect for the holidays!  I hope it’s more forgiving than the white.

I picked up the red slipcovers from Ikea in the discount department for $10.  Yes, $10!  I figured I could use it one day.  That day has arrived.