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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Our Weekend

Hi All!

Hope you had a great weekend and a productive shopping experience.  According to friends on FB, many have completed their holiday shopping.  Well, not this gal.  I have a busy week ahead.  My kids are out for break this Friday!  Yes, home for 21/2 weeks.

While the rest of December will be filled with kid fun, this weekend was no exception.

We traveled to Oxford, OH to Miami U for a swim meet.  If you have never experienced a swim meet, picture sitting for 4 hours at a time on stadium benches in 198 degrees with 100% humidity.  (And not getting a tan!) 


Can you see her?  Yeah, neither could we!  On Saturday she swam in the far pool and Sunday she swam closer but still we strained to see her.  The pool on the right is the warm down pool.

Ok, enough about that. 

After the meet, I stumbled upon a fabulous antique mall.  Here is some eye candy to start your week off right.


A unique setting


I liked this silver table.


Sorry for the blur.  I think you can still see that this booth is darling.


Great display of pins and necklaces.


Look at all those ornaments!  Another cool display.


A unique use for old suitcases.


We had Hubby’s car, otherwise this would have come home with me.  Couldn’t you see it painted, recovered and sitting around a dining table?



A bit primitive for my liking but I was drawn to the door.

While exploring this huge antique mall, I bumped into my friend Polly from Motley Junket.  She has 2 booths in the same antique mall as me!  It was a bizarre meeting!  Her and her husband love the mall.  She scored some beauties that should be arriving in her space soon!

It’ll be a busy week here!  Hope to share some before/after’s shortly.  I have a stool, dresser and a cart that are almost ready to be shared!



1 comment:

Polly said...

that was so funny running into you in Cincy of all places!!

I loved the booth with the silver dresser too! I spent a lot of time there for such a tiny booth! I bought a clock face from her.

I found the cutest little mercury glass owl in your booth yesterday evening. It HAD to go home with me! Just love it!!

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