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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Meet Jill

If you met Jill, you would assume we would not be friends.  She is super organized, put together, cooks elaborate meals every night and is an overall perfectionist.  Far cry from my life!

We met when our oldest kids were months old and have been friends ever since.  Despite our differences, we love spending time together and always share a laugh!

Oh yeah, she is from Michigan and is a Notre Dame fan.  Two more reasons we should not be friends.

Anyway, let’s have a look inside Jill’s beautiful home.

Xmas 2011 007

Her dad has an awesome tree farm in Michigan.  Just beautiful!

Xmas 2011 019

Her mantel.  Just look at the garland.  Swoon.

Xmas 2011 002

Her beautiful staircase.  I love the bows!


Thanks Jill for sharing!

In case you missed, have a look at Laura’s and Suzanne’s homes.



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michelle@decorandthedog said...

Beautiful! Love the mantel!

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