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Thursday, December 8, 2011

A Feature, Winner & an Award!

What a week!  First, Remodelaholic shared my Red Table Redo.

Then I entered a giveaway at Tip Junkie and WON!  That’s right, I won a $50 gift card to this fabulous shop –River Valley Designs. 

Which reminds me, you can be a winner too!  It is the last day to enter my $50 GIVEAWAY.  And, since I am so excited to be a winner, I am offering each of you an extra chance to win too. 

In addition to all the ways to enter through the above link, you can like Vintage Restyled on FB for another shot!  Not bad!  Enter now, before you get busy!

Before my luck runs out, I must share the award that was bestowed…

A big thank you to Carrie from Hazardous Design for this award!

With this award comes listing 7 things about myself.  Since it’s the holiday season I thought I would share 7 of my favorite things.  That will tell you a lot about me.

1. My Keurig.  I love this so much I actually have two!

2. Once the coffee is made, I must have my creamer.  CoffeeMate French Vanilla.  There is no substitute.

3. If I take the time to relax and sip my coffee, as opposed to gulping it down as I make lunches, pack backpacks and gather snacks, brush hair… I must light one of the many candles around my house.  I change with the season but a few of my favs are Caramel, Almond, Firewood.  CO Bigelow is where I get mine.  It’s just an excuse to visit this beautiful shop!  I also shop Bath & Body Works.

4. What started as a splurge, is now a necessity.  Shellac/Gel manicure.  It lasts 3 weeks and does not chip!  My hands are in water, paint and other stuff that wreaks havoc on nails.  This manicure survives it all!

5. Like everyone else, I am in love with my IPod/IPad/IPhone.  Enough said.

6. I received a Pandora Bracelet for Christmas one year.  I have accumulated many beads.  I love my bracelet so much because it tells a story.  Each bead was a gift and/or picked up on travels.  I treasure the bracelet and the people who have made it so special.

7. Neti Pot.  I know, gross, but so worth it!  It is a necessity for any painter and also helps ward off the inevitable sinus infections that we are prone to.

So, in summary I am a caffeinated junky with nice nails and a pretty bracelet who lives on her electronics while sniffing yummy candles through my clean sinuses.

Next week I will share this award with a few of my favorite blogs.

Now be sure to enter the GIVEAWAY.  And make it a great day!




Tat @ Mum in search said...

Congratulations on your award and your $50 voucher! Enjoy spending it!

Sally said...

I like Vintage Restyled on Facebook. Congratulations!!

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