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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Craigslist Isn’t All Bad

No matter where you live, I am sure you have heard a horror story about Craigslist.  I am here to share a good experience.

I answered an ad for a piece of furniture and made arrangements to meet.  I left my house at 6:00pm. It’s pitch dark, snowing and there are no street lights as I approach the country, where my treasure awaits.

The nice young couple brings me in their house to show me things they will be listing soon.  We chat, walk around.  I know it sounds like the start of a horror flick.

Then I mention that I spied a barn.  I know it’s dark, freezing and I am a total stranger, but I want in that barn!  Armed with a flashlight we go looking.

Oh my word!  There were so many beauties, I couldn’t believe it!  I made a date to come back in daylight.

Now, I was gone for 2 hours.  A trip that should have taken an hour tops.  Did my family freak?  Did they call me?  The Police?  Nope.  Not even fazed.

Anyhoo, let me show you around.


This is what started my journey.  The mirror is wrapped in towels on the right.  It needs some TLC but has fabulous detail.


Can you see the silo through the barn?  Pretty cool.



Look at what used to be the smoke house.  It would make a great work house for me!


This place was 15+ acres and was just fabulous.  It could be so cool.

But, we did not buy the barn, silo or the house.  Instead I grabbed:



I have a thing for old, beat up chairs.  A trip to my Amish man, will have her all fixed up.


Couple of antique doors and a homemade ladder.


Vintage skis.  Checkout the sticker that is in pristine condition.


This is old wood.  Probably 80-100 years old.  Hubby bought 3 pieces and plans to make a table and a bench.  They have so much more, I wish I had the tools to make hardwood floors.  But, it’s not happening.  If anyone is interested, just contact me and I will put you in touch with these folks.

Some pretty cool things, right?  Yeah, well I am going back again this weekend.  I told you – lots of treasures!

It isn’t like I have to shop, wrap, plan a party, finish a zillion projects and take care of an ill child.  I have plenty of time to gather more projects!

In summary, there are good people out there, just trying to move stuff along through Craigslist.  I am so glad I met them and loved their home and their “junk”.  Craigslist isn’t all bad!




Carrie @ Hazardous Design said...

The stuff you scored was totally worth the horror story risk...but I'm SO relieved this post had a happy ending!

April @ An Urban Acre said...

Cool! Those look like water skis! Are they?

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