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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Living Unplugged

I’m living unplugged – not by choice!  I am borrowing my daughter’s computer (so I’m not really unplugged afterall).

My computer with all my photos is in the shop.  A nasty virus attacked it this weekend and I am hoping they recover all my files and especially my pictures.  Anyway, this will be an off week for me.  I can’t imagine you want to read posts without pictures!  I know I wouldn’t.

I do want to elaborate on my previous post.

To dry brush anything, the technique I use is to dip the tip of the brush in the paint.  Then with a paper towel, wipe the paint off, so you barely have any paint on the brush.  Using long brush strokes, wipe the remaining paint on your item.  There are other methods out there, but this works for me.

Cross your fingers my computer is better!

Have a great week.


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