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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Homemade Chalk Paint

Hi All,

When I last shared my attempt at making chalk paint, things didn’t go as planned.  I always assume it’s my doing, so I kept at it.  Since I already own the Non-Sanded Grout and have a million sample pots of paint, I tried again.


In its original state.


My indecision.  First it was going to be gray.  Then red.  Yuck- the red was too pink.


Then I painted it Old White with a touch of Coco.  It was too white.


I arrived at a creamy, very pale yellow.


Because I never tape off the glass, here is a shot after I take the razor to it!!



2 TBSP  Non-Sanded Grout (available at Home Depot)

1 sample pot of paint

Water – added as needed

Mix it all together, add water as needed.  The paint will be a bit lumpy – not smooth like latex. That’s ok.  Keep stirring and adding water as you go along.


  • The paint went on with great coverage, similar to ASCP.
  • It sanded well, though required a bit more effort than ASCP.
  • Waxed beautifully, using AS clear wax.
  • This recipe will provide many color choices that I have been looking for.

Tomorrow I will share the finished China Cabinet.  It has had numerous lives, but I believe she is done.  There is also a GIVEAWAY coming!  I love the product and am eager to share!

Have a great day!



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Anonymous said...

Hi Shannon,
First... wow on the tree. I'm slightly allergic to pine (isn't that tragic?) and my mother is VERY reactive to it, so we opt for fake trees and often alternative ones altogether (like the ones in my booth).
Anyhoo... now that I've gotten the tree envy out of my system... on to the paint.
I love ASCP and feel like I'm CHEATING on her when I try to concoct my own. My sense is that I'll always have some of hers on hand as it just seems to work better on some finishes. Still, I wanted to share something that helped my homemade brew: Clear Gesso. Gesso is PRICEY, and comes in black, white, and clear at places like the "Lobby" and "Mike's" (I hate to give air time to companies that mark their prices up so consistently, they can have 50% off sales all the time on something, but it's a love-hate relationship I have with them).
To each cup of paint mixture, I'd say I drizzled in just a few teaspoons of gesso (CLEAR!) and it seemed to help adhesion AND application. If you've got some laying about, try it. I do think the unsanded grout (2 bucks at Habitat - yay!)is much better than the plaster of paris recipe.

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