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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Coco Coffee Table Complete

Hi All,

Wow-it was a long break!  Hope you all had a great feast and enjoyed the extended weekend.

We hosted a relaxed Thanksgiving and quickly rolled into Christmas mode on Friday.  No shopping for this gal.  In my previous life I was a marketing director for a shopping mall.  Enough said. 

Anyway, when I last posted I shared some work in progress.  This week I plan to show you the finished jobs.  Starting off with a coffee table.

My last order of ASCP included a sample of Coco.  I love this color!  I have browns in my home, so when I finish a piece that I adore in gray, it doesn’t work.  But the Coco works beautifully!

I snagged this baby at The Restore.


The top was a little beat up.


I recently read on a blog that the gal prefers her coffee table to be 6 inches above the sofa.  I never really thought about it before.  This table sits close to that and is a perfect height for drinks and appetizers.  Who knew?

Back to the project at hand.  I used the Coco and painted and distressed the base.


I coated the top with ASCP Old White.  But wasn’t loving the white.  Perhaps it was too much of a contrast.

So, I washed the white with a diluted Coco & water mix.  Then sanded, light waxed and then highlighted with dark wax.  It has the rustic vibe I was going for.



Of course it was raining, so the lighting is just so-so.  I really love the shape and the color of this baby.  We used it in the living room throughout the Thanksgiving break and the height was perfect between the couches.

Despite loving this piece and it being perfect in my home, I plan to wax again and deliver to the store this week.  With our tree up (you will see the beast tomorrow), we have removed all unnecessary furniture.  So it is in the “to-go” category.

Hope it finds a good home.



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