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Sunday, October 9, 2011

A Stripping Tip

Hi All,
I hope you had a great weekend!  We enjoyed the 80 degree temperature and spent a lot of time outdoors.  Which is good, because the technique I am sharing today is best done outside!
We moved a few larger items out of the garage to sand.  We had the sander going and I was chipping off the many layers of paint with a putty knife.  Not very glamorous.  But necessary…so I thought.
tables and tara 002
It would be December before I finished scraping those legs!
So, my handy neighbor stopped over and asked if we had ever used a blow torch to remove paint.  A blow torch?
Within a minute, Hubby had a blow torch and a lighter in hand.
Apparently we own a blow torch – who knew?
So Hubby got started, while I hid in the garage (fearful that something was going up in flames).
tables and tara 009
You heat the paint and it scrapes off in sheets!  It was amazing.  The heat forces the paint to bubble and then you scrape it off.
tables and tara 010
tables and tara 011
Once he got the hang of it, he was tearing it up!  Trust me, Hubby digs anything with fire.
tables and tara 012
After 40 minutes, he had managed to remove the many layers of paint.  There were 5 colors that I could identify!
To anyone who strips furniture, you know this job would take days at best. 
Once we cleaned off the scraped paint, we used various sanding devices to smooth it down.  And she now looks like this:
tables and tara 020
Can you believe it?!
Under all that paint is beautiful Black Walnut Wood.   Swoon.
I am so grateful for this tip.  It will certainly change the way I view certain projects.
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Grace @ Sense and Simplicity said...

What a great tip. I'd still be chipping away or using the dripping chemicals. Love the legs on your table.

Debbiedoos said...

Who knew is right! That is a very pretty table. What a great husband you have helping out. Thanks for sharing with the newbie party.

Andrea @Oasis Accents said...

What an awesome tip! Thanks for sharing.

Carrie @ Hazardous Design said...

I NEVER would have thought of this! Thanks for the tip!

michelle@decorandthedog said...

This is beyond cool!! Who knew??

Shannon said...

That is amazing. I never knew that, well I guess I will be trying that out at some point. Thanks for the tip.

MissPrissyville said...

Awesome tip! I would have done it the old-fashioned way and probably would still be stripping! lol! Stopped by via Debbie Doo's Newbie Monday party! Thanks for sharing.

Kathleen said...

Hi Shannon! I've given you "The Versatile Blogger" award on my blog today! Come check it out!

Sharon @ mrs. hines class said...

What a great tip! And that wood underneath is stunning! I swooned too. Thanks for sharing and for linking up at Debbie Doo's Newbie party. I linked up too. Come by some time!


6th Grade said...

wow! and i've been using citristrip when i could've been wielding fire! bummer!

love the tutorial and can't wait to see what you do with this!

here from the girl creative!


J said...

Great tip, that will definitely get my dad to help me with my next project.

subtle magnetism said...

Great tutorial! I won't be grabbing a blowtorch any time soon, however I do "know a guy" and he's got one that would be just perfect for a few more complicated jobs i have. Awesome! Thanks!

Nostalgic Dreams said...

Glad your project got easier. I use a heat gun (I also use it for my rubber stamping projects) to help when there are layers of caked on paint. I learned this when I lived in Europe where chemicals aren't as readily available. Just keep it in the same spot for a bit so the paint can "melt" and use your putty knife. Works like a charm! ~Elizabeth

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing this technique. Beautiful table; looking forward to seeing how you refinish.


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