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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Spending Freeze - sorta

I have said for nearly a month that I am on a spending freeze.  Since opening space #2, filling it up and maintaining space #1, I needed to see how things went and buy accordingly.

Then I gave myself some room…if I sell X then I will shop for a few smalls.  Smalls are next to furniture, so I should have a quick tour…really I was just shopping.

The bottom line, I love the hunt.  There are always treasures to be had and I am afraid I will miss out if I do not go often.

So let me share a few smalls that I had to take home with me during my spending freeze.

smalls 006

Three of these.  They will be made over.

smalls 002

smalls 003

All silver waiting to be cleaned and polished.

smalls 007


smalls 005

A pair of these.

smalls 010

More silver.

smalls 011

The tag says, Woolworths!

smalls 012

smalls 013

These little dishes are so festive and paired with a dip mix would make a great gift.

smalls 016

This will be so pretty with 16 candles.

smalls 015

smalls 022

Silver pitcher (already cleaned and polished)

That was what I acquired today alone!  I know, I need to quit.  This business will end up costing us money!

Starting tomorrow, I am on a spending freeze.

Wish me luck.




Janet- OPEN MARKET STYLE said...

Good morning Shannon so good to see you yesterday ! Wow it looks like you have found some great things ! Can not believe it is almost time to put Christmas out !!
Enjoy your day !

Jennifer said...

Hey Shannon, I know what you mean about missing something if you don't go out. I have a 2 booths now at a place in Macon called Payne Mill Antiques and I always tell myself that I am not going to buy anything else until I sell somethings. But I am always worry about what I might miss if I don't go and look. I do have to say that my husband does encourage me because he says that if I don't have stuff to replace what I sell then my booths will look empty. i still have not come up with a name for my business so if you have any brilliant ideas please let me know. Also where all do you shop for the items that you put in your booths. Thanks for all of your ideas and all the work that you do I thoroughly enjoy reading your blog. Jenny P

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