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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Need Your Help!

As you know, I have spaces at a local antique mall.  This will be my first holiday season.  I know life gets crazy at this time of year, so I have started gathering items early.

I have decided to go with glass, silver and white.  Great idea, right?

Except, I do not have a great way to polish silver.  This is where you chime in.

I have used Tarn-X in the past, but I have to say the smell is enough to make ya sick!

I have large items, so if there is a soaking method, I am all for it.  A cloth will not cut it.


Thanks in advance for your tips!



PS- Thanks for all the calls and emails from friends out of town.  We did not get eaten by a bear or bit by a monkey.  Columbus seems to make National headlines for the strangest things!

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Nostalgic Dreams said...

I just did oodles of polishing yesterday and used Brasso. I am with you, Tarn-x and get a little nauseous. Just use a soft cotton cloth for both application and buff off. I let it dry just a few minutes in between application and buff. Oh, and I got the whole lot of things that needed to be done and parked in front of the tele until I was done. I don't usually get to watch tv (we only use Netflix) so it was a real treat to watch a flick I wanted to watch. Good luck Ms. Shannon! ~Elizabeth

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