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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Lots of Small Tables

I told you yesterday that I have a thing for tables.  I recently finished a drop leaf table and a farmhouse table.

Now I needed some small tables for my spaces. 

Let me share my recent finds.

small tables 002

This baby now looks like this:

small tables 009

Louis Blue to the rescue.

small tables 005

I snapped it after I had already started painting.  Here you can see the top is a bit, ok a lot, beat up.

small tables 006


booth 013

Painted, distressed and in my space.  I hope you can see the great detail.

Now you might be shocked to see the next pair.

small tables 003

I scored two of these lovelies.

small tables 004

Yup, I just cleaned them up.  NO PAINT!

booth 006

Sitting in my space unpainted!  Can you believe it?

While you might be calling me lazy, I beg to differ.  The detail was wonderful and paint would have covered most of it up.  I did not think I could do them justice, so I used some good furniture cleaner and revived them that way.

I figure I can always pull them out and paint them, should they overstay their welcome at my booth.

I have a dresser redo, a gate leg table reveal and a few more small tables to share.  I also have a client project that I hope to deliver and share with you next week.

Enjoy the day,



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