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Monday, October 17, 2011

Homemade Paint Colors

Many recipes are floating around blogland for homemade chalk paint.

I have read about Baking Soda mixed with paint.

Non-sanded grout mixed with paint.

I have the ingredients and plan to experiment, but I wasn’t ready to apply any of these techniques to my gate leg table.

Gateleg 003

Instead I dabbled with some paint to arrive at a unique color.

If you have read even one post on this blog, you know I love Annie Sloan Chalk Paint.  I have a few of my favorite colors, but am limited to the colors I have on hand.

To achieve a dark gray, I mixed the following:

  • Chalk Paint in Paris Gray
  • An oops color in a darker gray (latex)
  • Latex black paint

I just randomly poured the colors together and added the black until I achieved the color I liked.

small tables 011

From top: Latex Oops Paint, Paris Gray, Final color with Black added.

small tables 010

My hope was using the chalk paint as a base would provide all the benefits of chalk paint.

Not so much.

I did like that I could brush it on the legs, without brush strokes.

Unfortunately, it did not distress easily like chalk paint does.

It dried harder like a latex paint does.

In summary, I love the color!  I pretty much made a new latex paint color without the benefits of the chalk paint!

I have a million little oops paint samples, half cans of paint and now I plan to mix them to create more choices.

I plan to take a stab at some of the recipes I mentioned above.  I will let you know the results.




Custom Comforts said...

You are brave to experiment with mixing paint types and colors. My sister who knows a lot about paints has always told me you can only mix the same kinds of paints. The color you came up with is very pretty and I'm anxious to see what else you create.
How is business over at Heritage?

Mandy said...

Great to know Shannon! I've often wondered about mixing ASCP and latex. Thanks for sharing this.
PS Great color!

Jamie said...

Who knew you could even attempt to make chalk paint - can't wait to hear if you can make it work. It would open up the color possibilities.

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