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Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

We hope you had a great Halloween and collected gobs of goodies, especially almond joys and take5’s.

Daughter #1 dressed up as an abused hurt soccer player.

Halloween 009

Her sister offered to jack her up, but we used make up.

Halloween 018

Now, Daughter #2 explored several options.

On the top of the list was Lady Gaga – I searched a million pics and not one was a wee bit appropriate.  So that got nixed.

This is what we decided:

Halloween 008

Halloween 026

Halloween 006

Bethany Hamilton – Soul Surfer.  It is such a great movie and obviously left an impact on Daughter #2.  She is very creative.


Unfortunately, they insisted on dressing up the dog.

Halloween 016

Our Italian pup.

Then some friends joined us for trick-or-treating.

Halloween 021

Halloween 024

Halloween 023


Halloween 025

What a fun bunch!

Happy Halloween to all!



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michelle@decorandthedog said...

Great costumes! I was a clown all day at work yesterday. It was embarrassingly awesome.

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