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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

A Farm Table

Farm tables come in so many colors and sizes and I think I love them all.  I do not have the appropriate space for one, so I just covet from a far. 

I did find a table that could pass as a farm table and could work in my kitchen area.  It just needed some assistance and some color.

I had to call in the big guns for the prep work…Hubby to the rescue. 

While his degree is not in engineering, he works with engineers and approaches everything with that mindset.  Drives me batty from time to time, but he gets results!

So here is the table.

projects 009

It originally must have had a leaf, but that did not make its way to me.  However, there was a little bow where the leaf would be inserted. 

With the wood glue and clamps, Hubby got busy.  However, this table required additional attention.

projects 005

Yes, to make the bow flatten out we needed to apply weight.  Since it was in the middle of the table, Hubby got creative and filled this huge blue bucket with water. 

The two of us struggled getting it to the middle of the table – it was heavy!

It worked marvelously!  I am giving all the credit to him!

Then the fun began.

CL Fair 013 

CL Fair 023 

CL Fair 014


CL Fair 019

With a coat of ASCP mix of Paris Grey & Louis Blue.

Vintage Restyled 2 004

After - Heavily distressed.  I really beat this one up.  The top has dents and some dings, so the skirt and legs needed to match. 

This farm table is the perfect size.  It would make a great desk as well. 

If you are wondering why this isn’t in my kitchen, as planned, its because my existing chairs did not work with it!  One of these days I am going to work on something just for keeps!

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Rosemary@villabarnes said...

You did a great job distressing, Shannon. Love the top as well.

Polly said...

Looks great, as all your makeovers do!! I know I've said it before, but I seriously wish I had your energy!!

Hope Friday is awesome at the shop!!

Shannon said...

Ohhh love this one. Great job!

Jamie said...

Love, love the mix of the painted legs with the wood finish top.

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