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Monday, September 12, 2011

Welcome a Guest

In celebration of reaching my first blogger milestone – 100 followers -  I have a special surprise.  This is my first guest post!  I am so thrilled to welcome Karen to the DIY Club.  She is creative, organized and has an overall good eye for style.  We chatted over the summer about projects and once the kids went back to school, she got busy! 

Let’s take a look at her two projects.  (Written in her words)

Well, for starters I found the round table for $32.00 at the antique mall-I hated the color but I loved the "bones".  It fit perfectly in between 2 pub chairs in our family room.  I wanted to add some "character" pieces that purposely didn't match the other furniture.  Sometimes I feel like my stuff is all pretty predictable and boring!


Since it was part veneer and part real wood I had to paint instead of stain.  I chose a color called bittersweet chocolate - it actually looked yummy enough to eat!
I had to first sand it up a little and then I needed to fix all the groves where wood was missing with wood filler putty.  Then I sanded the putty after an hour or two and began to paint.  I decided to leave the lion drawer pull instead of opting for a more modern pull since it had so much character and was unique. 
Two coats later the table had been transformed!  I am not sure how much more than $32.00 it is worth now, but I am happy with it and that is all that matters.

Isn’t this fabulous?  I love the lines of the table and of course, I am drooling over the rug!


The white table I stole off the street-I ran very quickly back to my car though because I felt guilty-also to make sure you didn't pick it up first!!

All I did to that was sand it and then sprayed on black Krylon metal paint.  Alex was very happy to get a new table in his room that can be roughed up all over again with his playing.


I enjoy your blogs!  They inspire me...Next up?  I have 3 candlesticks that are dated.  I am going to sand them, re-paint them olive green then sand off some paint to give it texture.  They will be going on the newly refinished table.

Wow!  First, I am bummed that I didn’t score that table from the trash! 

Next, I love a gal armed with spray paint.  She is way too tidy for me, though.  And lastly, did you catch her next project…she is hooked and will be transforming everything in her path!

I share these projects because, as Karen said, it really can be simple.  You can take trash and make it your treasure and amaze yourself at the same time.

Anyone else take a stab at a DIY project?  Please share!  I love to see what people can do and get inspired by others.  Just email me at

Have a great week!


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