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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Space Rehab

Hi All,

Just like with my home, I get bored with my space too.  The seasons change and I am ready for a new look.

space rehab 001

This was my space upon arrival at 10:00 am.

space rehab 005

I purchased this old cabinet from a dealer at Heritage Square.  It is painted creamy white with a green toile paper lining the inside.  It is a great piece to display my smalls and clean up the space a bit.

space rehab 003

A vintage suitcase holds pumpkins and the BOO banner I made.

space rehab 009

The acorns are too cute!

space rehab 010

The pillow is darling and the greens and oranges bring fall to the space.

space rehab 007

These old ceiling tiles make a great magnetic board.

space rehab 011

space rehab 008

It’s a cool, chunky frame.

space rehab 006

This frame turned message center, made its debut in the space.

space rehab 012

And here is the shot when I left at 11:30.  I was rocking it this morning – those items are heavy and difficult to move by yourself! 

But I had a lunch date with a 4th grade class and an appointment to read with the 5th graders, so I had to work quickly!

I am taking the evening off to watch some premieres with my girls.  After a morning with friends and some appointments, I will get back to it.  Lots of cool projects to complete!



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