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Thursday, September 15, 2011

A Pig, Lama and a Score

Hi All,

Last week I responded to a listing on Craigslist.  I emailed the lister and simply said, " I want it and will be there by 10 am."

She responded, "Great, if you are here by 10, it's yours.  At 10:01 it goes to the next person"

I was so excited!  Then the realization hit me that I had no idea where she lived.  I knew it was Ohio, but was not familiar with her town.

Of course it was an hour away.  It didn't matter, I was getting this baby!

Following my GPS, I knew I was close.  It was 9:46 and my GPS read - entering unverified area.

Not good.

Skipping many details, I finally pull in a very long, rocky driveway.

As I approach the house I am greeted by:

Not really knowing farm life too well, I was not sure how to move the pig from the driveway.  Then I was greeted by lots of Lama.  I think they spit, but I moved along before they could.  The 4 dogs were very excited to see me but the 3 cats ran and hid.

Good Golly!

It was all worth it.  Here is my beauty

As of now this baby sits in the space.  I wiped it down and used Old English for a little more clean up.  The drawers are dovetailed, it's solid wood and it's in great condition.

Perhaps down the road I will pull it out and attack it with some paint.

Have a great weekend!



Jamie said...

So worth it - what a find.

Anonymous said...

Your post had me laughing first thing this morning. Observations:

1)You can not reason with pigs. Period. They're like toddlers, only MORE stubborn, imho.

2)Llamas are awesome. Yes, they spit. Y'know, pregnant female llamas spit on male llamas... as if to say "I don't NEED you anymore, get away" and I think it's a delightful practice. LOL. I think I may have done that to my husband once (kidding, just kidding)

3)I saw the piece IN YOUR BOOTH and if you pull it to paint, I'm gonna' call the Amish dude and tell on you.

Keep up the good work, and continue having fun on your Dr. Doolittle ventures.


Anonymous said...

That's hilarious, well done for making it! It would have been easy to get distracted with all the excitement on the way.

michelle@decorandthedog said...

I love this post title.

I've only purchased 1 thing from Craigslist. I'm always afraid of getting murdered. In Iowa. I watched too much Dateline as a child...

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