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Monday, September 26, 2011

Craigslist Before and After

I scoured Craigslist a few weeks back for some larger items.  One lady was unloading a ton of stuff and I took a few pieces off her hands.
Craigslist scores 001
It was a unique piece that had potential.  We decided no one would hang clothes behind the door, so Hubby made a shelf to make it more usable.
Craigslist scores 004
It was a bit beat up in spots, so wood filler was applied.
Craigslist scores 003
CL Fair 024
CL Fair 025
CL Fair 027
I keep picturing this piece in an office.  It offers tons of storage and doesn’t look too office-like.
I kept the original hardware.  The paint is ASCP in Louis Blue with some touches of dark wax and a light distressing.
I will share soon where this baby is going.
Have a great Monday!
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Debbiedoos said...

What an awesome piece. So much storage too. You made it look so pretty too. Thanks for sharing! said...

What an amazing transformation! Love the color!

CLD said... this piece..and your choice of color is so lovely. Have a great week. Bobbie

Anonymous said...

You've got the best eye for bargains. I would have walked straight past it in its original state and now it looks amazing!

Vicky said...

Wow! I wouldn't have touched that with a ten foot pole, but I'm glad that you did. The restyle is fabulous :)

Jamie said...

It would look gorgeous in an office - great work.

Geneva said...

I really can't believe that is the same piece... You guys did a beautiful job! It will serve you well!

michelle@decorandthedog said...

I love the hardware on this one!! Good idea with the shelves!

Amber and Brad said...

What a great piece, and the finish is just lovely! You have an amazing eye for rescuing pieces others pass by. Great idea with the shelf too!

Jodie said...

Beautifull !!!

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