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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Before and After - Chairs

Over the summer I scored a few chairs at a garage sale in Indiana.  I paid $1 a piece.

Cottage garage sales 001

They could not have been more disgusting.  Just look at all the fabric choices that someone made!


Too many projects 016

Too many projects 003

Too many projects 018

What a difference.  The chairs are covered in a creamy leather.

Now before you all assume that I can upholster furniture, let me set the record straight.

While in Indiana I befriended an Amish dude.  He did this wonderful work.  He rebuilt the guts, new padding, material and the finishing work.  All him. 

When I was working with him, I mentioned painting the chair.  He freaked.

I did not paint the chair.

Now that I am in Ohio and have already taken the before and after shots for him, I really want to paint the one chair.

Too many projects 005

I was thinking a French finish.  What do you think?




Polly said...

Nice! And yes, paint!!

Was he expensive? I have a chair that I want to tackle, but I'm scared!! I have priced it to two upholsterers and it's soooo expensive. I don't know what to do!

Julian Cassell said...

Hi Shannon,

Just shows what can be done to something that could otherwise be on the scrap heap (garbage heap for you guys I think)! Inspirational work in these tricky financial times.



Anonymous said...

Having lived in NE Ohio for most of my formative years (and rubbing elbows with Amish folk all that time), I had to giggle at the thought of the man "freaking"

LOL... what does that look like?
You must have really given him a jolt with the threat of painted wood.

Jamie said...

Gorgeous! I think it would look amazing, but it also looks gorgeous as is.

Project Queen (Mandy) said...

They are beautiful! Yes, paint the chair :-).

April @ An Urban Acre said...

I love me some painted wood, but the finish is so nice, it's beautiful and antique-looking the way it is. I guess I'll have to be the one "don't paint the chair" vote, so far. :p Either way, make it yours and do what you love!

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