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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Vintage Restyled Too!

Hi All,

I am excited to announce that Vintage Restyled Too will open this Saturday, October 1.

The space is located at Heritage Square Antique Mall, where I opened the first space on February 1, 2011.

Now, Vintage Restyled is B-10 and Vintage Restyled Too is B-20.  Right down the row from each other!

Be sure to visit both spaces, because I have no rhyme or reason to what will land in each space.

A little of this:

barn door

That amazing barn door that I swore I would never part with, is making its debut in the space.

CL Fair 008

CL Fair 024

A sneak peek at a farm table.  Still wanting to hide this in my house.

CL Fair 023

A dresser, a chair and a few other goodies will find their way in to space B-20.

Heritage Square Antique Mall  1865 Brice Rd., Columbus, OH 43232

I will not be posting tomorrow to get everything together.  My kids are also off school, so this should be interesting!

Enjoy the weekend!



Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Getting My Craft On

I’ve been housebound for two days and wasn’t able to sand or paint.  Rather than being completely unproductive, I decided to get my craft on.

By now you all have the Country Living magazine (or have seen it) that shows how simple it is to decorate a pumpkin.

I have scrapbook paper, Mod Podge, brushes and extra faux pumpkins.

So, I start.  Soon to discover, it ain’t that simple!

Pumpkins 001

I cut the paper into strips and it still bubbled!  It bubbled everywhere!

So, I try another.

Pumpkins 003

More bubbles.

Still at this point I am determined.  So I grab my last pumpkin.

Pumpkins 004

Yup, it bubbled.  It’s clearly me, since they look perfect in the mag.

If you plan to give it a shot, you need 3-12x12 papers.

I am keeping them and will display them up high so no one can see the details!

I did pull out my blinged out pumpkin from last year (just to make myself feel better).

Pumpkins 005

So cute.

And a message on a bottle:



Oh yeah, I successfully made a banner.

space rehab 003

I am not a complete spaz, I just cannot wrap a pumpkin in paper!

If you try this yourself, let me know how it turns out!



True Picker Fashion

Over Labor Day weekend we had a soccer tournament on the other side of town.  In preparation for my long days, I scoured Craigslist for any gems in the area. 

I spotted one, made an appointment and scooted over to a lady’s home in between games.  While picking up my piece, I asked what else she might have for sale.  That’s what they do on that pickers show, so I went for it.

Little did I know that she had a TON of things.  Some were true antiques and she wanted too much for them.  Remember, I am thrifty. 

But she did have a few things that I could afford and not feel guilty painting.

After 45 minutes, I left her cool air conditioned house with a few things and a scheduled return trip the next day.

They are finally all revamped.


projects 007

A solid wood dresser, dove-tailed drawers and darling hardware.

Now looks like this:

White dresser 001

White dresser 002

White dresser 003

I was sad that I could not use the original hardware – one was missing.  Now I am on the hunt for a 7 drawer something!  I love the pulls!

You can see I tried to salvage them, but it wasn’t working for me.

Too many projects 020 

The other gems I scored were:

projects 008

I shared the finished look yesterday.

CL Fair 025

projects 010


and now:

Too many projects 013

Now if you saw my space posted late last week, you know I have no place for these babies.  Stay tuned.



Monday, September 26, 2011

Craigslist Before and After

I scoured Craigslist a few weeks back for some larger items.  One lady was unloading a ton of stuff and I took a few pieces off her hands.
Craigslist scores 001
It was a unique piece that had potential.  We decided no one would hang clothes behind the door, so Hubby made a shelf to make it more usable.
Craigslist scores 004
It was a bit beat up in spots, so wood filler was applied.
Craigslist scores 003
CL Fair 024
CL Fair 025
CL Fair 027
I keep picturing this piece in an office.  It offers tons of storage and doesn’t look too office-like.
I kept the original hardware.  The paint is ASCP in Louis Blue with some touches of dark wax and a light distressing.
I will share soon where this baby is going.
Have a great Monday!
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Thursday, September 22, 2011

What did we Buy?

As I shared earlier this week, I spent last Friday with friends at the Country Living Fair.  I gathered tons of inspiration and a few gems I couldn’t live without.  So did my gal pals.

Here is a sampling of our shopping spree:


It’s a dough bowl!  It is huge and beautiful!  Ever since I spotted one of these on Stories of A House, I have wanted one.  My aunt from England has one and my brother-in-law spotted one at auction for $150.  My baby was $85 and it is all mine.

Suzanne and Amanda each went home with one.

This is what it looks like for the time being:

CL Fair 017

Debra made one purchase and absolutely loves it.  It is so hard to find art, so when you love it, you gotta nab it.


Christy was on a tight budget this year (that statement oozes sarcasm).  She fell in love with many lovelies that are now in her home:


Soup spoons


So cool!



Great flash cards!




Yummy apples.


Rooster pillow.

My dough bowl is by far my prized possession, but I did find a few other things to bring home.

This feed sack has a lining.  It is almost stiff and can be used as a rug or on the wall.  Marji also got one and plans to use it at her back door. 

CL Fair 016

I loved the handmade bags.  Suzanne, Amanda and I each found unique ones to don.

CL Fair 028

I have to end with a picture of Debra.Columbus-20110916-00057 

I also took away too many ideas, tons of pictures and lots of inspiration.

Have a great weekend!



Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Space Rehab

Hi All,

Just like with my home, I get bored with my space too.  The seasons change and I am ready for a new look.

space rehab 001

This was my space upon arrival at 10:00 am.

space rehab 005

I purchased this old cabinet from a dealer at Heritage Square.  It is painted creamy white with a green toile paper lining the inside.  It is a great piece to display my smalls and clean up the space a bit.

space rehab 003

A vintage suitcase holds pumpkins and the BOO banner I made.

space rehab 009

The acorns are too cute!

space rehab 010

The pillow is darling and the greens and oranges bring fall to the space.

space rehab 007

These old ceiling tiles make a great magnetic board.

space rehab 011

space rehab 008

It’s a cool, chunky frame.

space rehab 006

This frame turned message center, made its debut in the space.

space rehab 012

And here is the shot when I left at 11:30.  I was rocking it this morning – those items are heavy and difficult to move by yourself! 

But I had a lunch date with a 4th grade class and an appointment to read with the 5th graders, so I had to work quickly!

I am taking the evening off to watch some premieres with my girls.  After a morning with friends and some appointments, I will get back to it.  Lots of cool projects to complete!