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Sunday, August 14, 2011

The Wilds

There is a place outside Columbus, OH called The Wilds.  It is affiliated with the renowned Columbus Zoo, and is comprised of 10,000 acres.  When you drive into the area, you feel as though you have entered another state – what I picture Montana or Wyoming to be.
It is filled with animals and amazing outdoor experiences.
Gabby Camp 005
We picked up our youngest from her first sleep away camp experience.  She was there from Sunday through Thursday.  Long enough for me.  Perfect for her too.
Gabby Camp 034
Oh, I missed this little one.
She went with two of her buddies.
Gabby Camp 015
Here are some of the amazing things they did and others can do at The Wilds.
Gabby Camp 001
You can explore by horse.
Or by Zip line.
Gabby Camp 011
You sleep in a Yurt.  They have an adult only area and the Yurts are awesome!
Gabby Camp 009
Gabby Camp 026
This is the dining Yurt.  They were rewarded if they had zero waste at each meal.  Love that.
Gabby Camp 059
They had to build one of these shelters out of sticks and grass and stuff they could find.
Here are some pics that Daughter #2 actually took this week.  She has quite an eye!
Gabby Camp 087 Gabby Camp 080
Gabby Camp 088 Gabby Camp 089
Gabby Camp 092
Lots of animals:
Gabby Camp 137 Gabby Camp 109
Gabby Camp 108 Gabby Camp 104 Gabby Camp 107 Gabby Camp 112
Overall, it was a wonderful experience for the girls.  If you have a free day or are in the Columbus area, this is worth a trip!
Enjoy the day!

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