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Friday, August 26, 2011

Pieces and Parts – Guest Room

I have a vision.  I have not written it down, drawn anything, made a list or anything productive.  I just have a vision for my guest room.


I didn’t have much to work with.  The guest room was a place we walked passed.

It started with this wall color:

Guest room 006

Recognize the night stands?

The wall color was dark and cave like.  It was also a catchall room.  It had the basics, but nothing special.

Guest room 003

We started to remove things and prep the walls for paint, so excuse the mess.

Hubby was on wall paint duty.  If you have been around this blog at all, you may recall that I jacked up the bathroom wall paint and it resulted in adding crown molding.  Yeah, it was bad!

After much debate and time with the paint swatches

Guest room 013

I went with my original color – Benjamin Moore – Gray Owl.

Guest room 001

Now we have to get the other parts complete.

Night stands - DONE

Guest room 011

Bed – DONE (look at the dust pile!  Lotta sanding!)

Pieces of Bed 012

Dresser – DONE…I cannot wait to show you this!  But for now, just a tease.

Guest room 002

Mirror – DONE…picture is in progress.

Guest room 008

Bedding and curtains have been purchased.

Friends arrive at 6:00.  How I will pull this off is a mystery!





Anonymous said...

Shannon, I am so anxious to see the room. I love the little table in the room with the brown walls. What color combination did you paint it with? Jo Ann

Jamie said...

It is going to be Amazing, can't wait for the reveal

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