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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Over it!

In the last three days I have painted more spindles than I can count.  I officially despite spindles!

Guest room 006

Guest room 009

Bedside Table 002

Guest room 012

Not spindles, but close enough.

shelves 005

shelves 031

I am over these things!  Guest arrive in less than 18 hours and I have one coat of paint on the bed.  Needs another coat, distressing and a good waxing.  Then of course it all needs to be put back together.

My dear friend for 35+ years is driving 10 hours to relax and enjoy and I may offer her a good comfy couch.  Or, after I pull an all-nighter (gosh it’s been a long time) to finish this bed, I may be sleeping in it when she arrives!

Hope to have a breakdown of all the pieces and parts of the guest room shortly!

Until then,



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Jamie said...

What an amazing friend you are

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