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Monday, August 29, 2011

Guest Room Bed

We bought this bed unfinished in 1995.  We stained it and applied a heavy dose of poly.

We used it for 11 years as our bed and then it moved to the guest room when we switched to a king.

Guest room 008

Our lovely dog loves to hang out in the guest room because the bed is level with the windows and she can see right out.  Little did we know she was chewing on the bed finial.

Pieces of Bed 001

I went to Home Depot and purchased new deck post finials ($3.50 each).

Guest room 008

They look like it too!  Hubby was not a fan.

Pieces of Bed 010

Not so bad once it had some ASCP in Old White.

Pieces of Bed 012

The bed received two coats of paint, clear wax and distressing.

Pieces of Bed 015

Guest room complete 015

Here she sits with her new cottage-like look.

Guest room complete 008

Have a great day!




Emilka said...

Yes, this is it. Wonderful bed.

Jamie said...

I never would have guessed they were fence finials

The Painted Parlor said...

Way cute!! I love the whole look of the room, adorable bedspread :)

Deborah March said...

WOW!! Inspired!! LOVE the beautiful white...always so classic!

Deborah (happily visiting from

{Hope you can drop by...}

Meredith Resnick said...

You did such a great job. Doing something similar to my son's bed has been on my to do list for a while.

~ Meredith From A Mother Seeking

A Mother Seeking...

This week, "When Life Hands You Lemons..."

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