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Monday, August 1, 2011

The Dirty Truth

We live in filth.  That is until Saturday.

Hubby and I could not take the state of our garage.  We have not parked a car in the 21/2 car garage since January.  Yes, we braved the harsh winter, walking outside, scraping the windows and letting the car warm up.  Not very efficient.

Well, since January, the garage continued to be my dumping ground.  Afterall, I had plenty of space – there were no cars!

Brace yourself.  I am letting you see the dirty, filth that we live in.

store and garage 006

store and garage 007

Still not disgusted? There is more.

store and garage 008

store and garage 009

Yes, it is that bad!  And no, I am not auditioning for an episode of hoarders!

Before you judge, you should know there are steps to take care of this condition.

  1. Recognize that this is just gross.
  2. Rent a garage space for all the lovelies that you must have.

I found and rented a space that holds most of the treasures that I have accumulated.

So, we waited until it was a balmy 95 degree day and made numerous trips to the storage space.

store and garage 016

This is my storage space.  It is a great size and looked huge upon arrival.  We placed this antique bed in first.

store and garage 037

But the space quickly became quite small.

store and garage 015

A few more van loads.  And a stop at a garage sale – yes, Hubby almost left me at this point!

store and garage 042

Oh my!  I had no idea I had this much STUFF.

The good news is, we can park both cars, a few bikes, other misc. stuff and still have an area to work!  I even have my paint booth!

garage 005

Here is the ironic thing: I received a call today saying that they will be here tomorrow to pave the driveway, so we need to park in the street!

But, we are no longer living in filth!

Have a great day!  And remember, don’t judge me!




Gloria Fox said...

I'm thinking I need to rent a storage space at some point too. I just don't have the room for all this stuff and my basement and house looks horrible and its driving me nuts! It would also be nice to store unfinished and finished projects in a dry place as my basement is a little leaky. Yuck! Not judging you at all...I bet more of us DIYers are like this than not.

michelle@decorandthedog said...

Ha..clean the garage, still park in the street! Awesome!

I love that your husband didn't leave you stranded on the side of the road as you picked up more treasures for your already full storage unit. That is true love!

The Painted Parlor said...

Haha! We've managed to park 1 car in the garage, I won't allow myself to take up ALL the space, (neither will the hubs) ;)
Good for you! I bet that took ALL day, but so worth it! Do you feel like a new woman?!

Jamie said...

This post makes me want to tackle my basement again - it is my land of filth

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! Your garage looks great! You inspired me to do the same!

Nichole T. said...

i'm waiting until Oct. to tackle ours, it's too HOT in Louisiana until then. I just re-finished with chalk paint the exact same chest of drawers that you have in the last shot with the veneer ripped up.

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