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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Lamont’s Sister

Hi All,

Perhaps you’re old enough to remember the tv show Sanford & Son.  If you do, then you know the old man and his son Lamont.  Well, you probably do not recall Lamont’s sister…Shannon.

Let me introduce you.  She likes to find gems, treasures and often just plain old trash.  She has BIG plans when she scoops items.  With her limited time, she usually stockpiles the beauties in the garage, which her hubby loves.

Shannon recently spent time in Northern Indiana and discovered many, many treasures in her new territory.  Some gems were stored in the shed, the cottage and others sat in the driveway.  She never realized how much she had.

Until today.

cottage thrift 018


cottage thrift 016

The good news is, she made it home with little incident.

The bad – she had to leave items at the cottage.

So, there you have it…Sanford & Son & Daughter.




Polly said...

that industrial piece looks pretty awesome!! glad you found so many treasures!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh my (gleefully rubbing hands together) I can't wait to see some of that at HSAM! What fun. I have a car and you should see some of the comical trips I've made home.

Anonymous said...

Had to come back to say, "Aarrgghhh, Shannon! I've had the Sanford and Sons song stuck in my head since reading your post"
I'll have to find a way to exact revenge. Hey, incidentally, where the heck did you stash the CHILDREN in the van?

Jamie said...

That is awesome - I don't remember Sanford - but I think I have an image now.

Carrie @ Hazardous Design said...

Hahahahahaha. Funny post :)

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