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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Come on In

I recently shared the outside of our cottage.  Now, we invite you in.
I should mention that the cottage was originally a fishing shack that was added on and then added on again and perhaps a few more times.  Nothing is straight, level or even.  We discovered that when we remodeled last year.
Coopers 010
This is what you see when you enter.  The door on the right is a half bath.
Coopers 008
Our eating area.  Hubby built the seating area and we bought the table and chairs from our dear friends.
Coopers 009
Look at that beautiful oar that my sister-in-law scored for us.  The patina is amazing!
Now you walk into the kitchen area.
Cottage 009
Do you spot the crib spring?  Suz trash picked it for me!  I sprayed it red and now it holds photos and business cards from the lake.  The shutters are from a garage sale.
cottage thrift 013
This is the kitchen, directly across from the window above.  We scored these great cabinets at the Habitat-for-Humanity ReStore.  The island countertop was also found there.
cottage thrift 012
I snapped these pics on the way out the door, so there is no staging and random things are lying about.
cottage thrift 007
Our living area.  As you can see, the fireplace is the focal point!  You can see how we redid that here.
There is a guest room, a bunk room and our bedroom.  When we renovated last year, we did nothing to the bedrooms or bathroom.  We swore that we would come back last fall and attack one room at a time…
Maybe this fall.
We have many, many projects on the list.  But, when we get to the lake, we get in lake mode and somehow the projects don’t seem that important!
Enjoy the day & stay cool -


Jess Scott said...

Wow! What a difference. You have done an amazing job. The kitchen looks fantastic. The island is perfect and really fills up that open space nicely. The light blue curtains in the entry really freshen things up and that space has a much better purpose than before. It really has turned into a true lake house!Congratulations on all of the updates and a truly great renovation!


Jamie said...

I hope some day my place starts to look as nice as yours

Anonymous said...

Love it Shan. Beautiful memories for you and your family have been and will continue to be made there!
We need to make a road trip...well maybe a flying trip.
xo Ra

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