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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Darling Coffee Table Redo

Hi All,
Hope you enjoyed the last weekend in July.  Can you believe it?  Time has flown by.
I will share how Hubby and I spent our Saturday, but first up is a sweet redo.
I fought off a lady at a Goodwill a few months ago to snag this baby.
Table 007
Table 008
It is a beautiful, double pedestal coffee table.  It just needed some paint.
Out came the Paris Gray.
Lake and home 055
I distressed the legs and just the edges of the table.
Better, but not great.
Out came the Old White.
store and garage 004
Ah, much better. 
Here she sits in my space, painted and waxed and ready for a new home.
Another benefit to chalk paint – if you do not like the first round of paint, simply paint right over it!
Have a great day!
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Friday, July 29, 2011

Good Fortune

I rarely post on the weekends, but I had to share my good fortune!

A few days ago I scored dishes from Goodwill that were Pottery Barn.  The set was incomplete, but it was still available in stores, so I was trying to gear myself up to pay retail and complete my dish set.

swimming and thrifting 029

Ooh, they are so pretty!

So today, I pop into a different Goodwill.  And what do I see?

My dishes!

  • 8 more dinner plates for a total of 12 ( I can always have some back up)
  • 8 salad plates
  • 4 more mugs for a total of 6

Yes, my numbers do not exactly match up but I plan to have service for 8.  I left a few mugs at Goodwill, since my cabinet is overflowing with ironstone mugs that I adore. 

My new treasures are washed and put away.  The old dishes are boxed and going to the donation center in the morning!

Just a note: The dinner plates cost me $1.99/each.  If you recall, the other Goodwill only charged 59 cents/each.  Hmmm, interesting.  Apparently, each store sets their own prices. 

Hope you have a weekend filled with good fortune!


Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Stop & Smell the Lavender

Hi All,

While at the cottage I went to a farmers market.  We had high expectations since we were in Amish Country and they all have farms.  Well, it was almost a total bust.  There was squash, jewelry and misc. stuff that had nothing to do with a farm or a market.

At the end of the row, we spotted a lady with gobs of lavender.  Ooh, all was not lost!  We chatted for a bit, I purchased a few items and we went to the grocery store to get some produce.

Once home, the lavender smelled wonderful in our cozy cottage.  It even looked great.

Cottage Treasures 024

Isn’t it delightful on my old door?

Anyway, the next day we drove out to the lavender lady’s farm and store.  The business is officially called, “The Lavender Lane”.  It was wonderful!  She has over 300 lavender plants and 12 varieties.  You can even cook with this stuff!  Who knew?

summer small camera 011

summer small camera 012

Look at all that beauty!  It smells amazing too!

summer small camera 014

Lots of choices.

summer small camera 016

Part of the farm.

I realize many of you will not make it to Northern Indiana, so I brought it back for you!

Vintage Restyled now carries large and small bundles – which are great for decorating and as I have said many, many times – smell amazing.  The lavender sachets are also available and can be placed in all the vintage furniture you have!

I am thrilled to have met the lavender lady and to be able to support her business while offering local folks authentic products that add beauty to your home.  Ooh and the smell…did I mention the smell?



Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Simple Table Makeover

I scored two lovely tables.  Neither one was too pretty to begin with.  But once they were coated in paint, that all changed.

Cottage Treasures 017

I liked the detail, but the finish was blah.

Cottage Treasures 020

Louis Blue to the rescue!

Cottage Treasures 021

Ignore the dead grass, I needed to be outside at this point!

Cottage Treasures 022

I love the detail.

The second table is a bit taller and wider than the first.  It can serve as a coffee or a side table. 

Cottage Treasures 019

Old White saved this one.

Cottage Treasures 027

Cottage Treasures 028

So are you a blue or a white fan?



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Monday, July 25, 2011

A Thrifty Score!

When I thrift I am usually looking for things that I can sell in my space.  Today, I scored something just for me. Bonus - it needs no work.

swimming and thrifting 028

Aren’t they beautiful?

Not a chip or a mark!

I discovered 4 dinner plates, 2 bowls and 2 mugs.  And guess where they are from.

Pottery Barn

And guess what else…

They are current, the Emma line.  So, I will convince myself to pay retail and complete the set.

Retail is a bit hard to swallow. 

Currently, PB has 4 dinner plates for $48.  My 4 cost me $2.40.

Love it when I score!  I promise, I will make a thrifter out of all of you!



PS: This is not a one time score, earlier this year I got a complete Crate & Barrel dish set for the cottage.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Cottage, Thrifty Finds!

A big benefit to spending a month at the lake, is all the gems that I uncovered. 

We have many Amish farms, farms in general and numerous garage sales to tap.  Most of my finds will end up in my space.

Cottage Treasures 001

Cottage Treasures 002

Cottage Treasures 003

Lovely rust.

Cottage Treasures 004

This Red Wing crock is a collector’s item.  Unfortunately, it’s a bit beat up, but still a great item.

Cottage 011

Child’s shoes.

Cottage 003

An old utility workers tote.

Cottage 005

Great crate.

Cottage 007

Cottage 009

Cottage 017

Cottage Treasures 026

A set of these beauties from an old school.

Do you have a favorite? 

Have a great weekend!



Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Come on In

I recently shared the outside of our cottage.  Now, we invite you in.
I should mention that the cottage was originally a fishing shack that was added on and then added on again and perhaps a few more times.  Nothing is straight, level or even.  We discovered that when we remodeled last year.
Coopers 010
This is what you see when you enter.  The door on the right is a half bath.
Coopers 008
Our eating area.  Hubby built the seating area and we bought the table and chairs from our dear friends.
Coopers 009
Look at that beautiful oar that my sister-in-law scored for us.  The patina is amazing!
Now you walk into the kitchen area.
Cottage 009
Do you spot the crib spring?  Suz trash picked it for me!  I sprayed it red and now it holds photos and business cards from the lake.  The shutters are from a garage sale.
cottage thrift 013
This is the kitchen, directly across from the window above.  We scored these great cabinets at the Habitat-for-Humanity ReStore.  The island countertop was also found there.
cottage thrift 012
I snapped these pics on the way out the door, so there is no staging and random things are lying about.
cottage thrift 007
Our living area.  As you can see, the fireplace is the focal point!  You can see how we redid that here.
There is a guest room, a bunk room and our bedroom.  When we renovated last year, we did nothing to the bedrooms or bathroom.  We swore that we would come back last fall and attack one room at a time…
Maybe this fall.
We have many, many projects on the list.  But, when we get to the lake, we get in lake mode and somehow the projects don’t seem that important!
Enjoy the day & stay cool -

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Lamont’s Sister

Hi All,

Perhaps you’re old enough to remember the tv show Sanford & Son.  If you do, then you know the old man and his son Lamont.  Well, you probably do not recall Lamont’s sister…Shannon.

Let me introduce you.  She likes to find gems, treasures and often just plain old trash.  She has BIG plans when she scoops items.  With her limited time, she usually stockpiles the beauties in the garage, which her hubby loves.

Shannon recently spent time in Northern Indiana and discovered many, many treasures in her new territory.  Some gems were stored in the shed, the cottage and others sat in the driveway.  She never realized how much she had.

Until today.

cottage thrift 018


cottage thrift 016

The good news is, she made it home with little incident.

The bad – she had to leave items at the cottage.

So, there you have it…Sanford & Son & Daughter.



Sunday, July 17, 2011

Armoire Goes Blue

We have been hooked on World Cup Soccer.  The games have been exciting and intense.  Since I was inside on beautiful days, I decided to paint while watching the games.
I decided the tv armoire needed an update.  Out came the ASCP Louis Blue.
Coopers 006
This is the original ‘90’s armoire.  There was a time when we liked this style (not sure I should admit that), but it was long ago.
Coopers 005
It goes with the knotty pine walls.  I have debated painting these walls for 4 years!  The armoire was a much easier job than the walls, so I got started.
Cottage 023
One coat of Louis Blue was applied right over the factory finish of the knotty pine.  Again, no sanding or priming!
It was still blah. Better but blah.  So I applied the clear wax to protect the paint and then started to apply the dark wax randomly.
Cottage 025
No sanding was used because I did not care for the original color on the armoire.  Instead, all the distressing was achieved with wax.
Cottage 026
Cottage 027
Hardware makes all the difference!
Cottage 015
Cottage 019
And here she is all nice and blue.
Cottage 016
I do love the Louis Blue with the dark wax.  Goodbye ‘90’s, hello cottage style!
We are wrapping up here at the cottage and heading home.  Back to reality and schedules and such.  Lots of work to be done to restock my space. 
Until next time-
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