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Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Not too long ago a designer quoted me $6,000-15,000 to finish the playroom.  The room that only kids hang out in.

That was not going to fit our budget, considering we had no budget and no plan to overhaul the room at this point. 

We simply shut the door and went about our lives.

As you saw this week, we redid the playroom.  And we did it on a budget.  I share this, because if you have an ounce of DIY blood, you can accomplish this.

couch 001

IKEA Couch $325, new slipcover $100, back up slipcover $10.

Clock $5, Goodwill

armoire 018

Armoire $50, birdcage-free, suitcase $1. $5 knobs from Hobby Lobby, on sale.  All other accessories we had.

hall table and playroom 007

Rug $20

hall table and playroom 016

Magnetic boards and magnets $32

Picture $3, Goodwill

hall table and playroom 004

Curtains $30, rod $8

hall table and playroom 017

Wall hangings $5 x 3=$15, Hobby Lobby

hall table and playroom 021

Lamp base $4, Goodwill.  Had the lampshade.

cabinet 007

Cabinet $7 from GW.  Knobs $5, Hobby Lobby on sale.

Decorate Columbus 014

Rummage sale coffee table $5 (yet to be painted).


Couch $435

Armoire $55

Cabinet $12

Rug $20

Curtains $38

Coffee Table $5

Accessories $60


So, if Hubby is reading this I saved $14,375! 

Have a great day!




michelle@decorandthedog said...

Make sure your husband reads this post..mulitple times. :P Love this room! You might want to turn it into your momcave instead..

Lindsey A. Turner said...

That is so awesome that you saved so much money! And it looks great! Who needs designers! Looks like a nice room to hang out in as a family! Also, thanks for checking out my blog, Thrift and Shout! I also love connecting with other local bloggers! Love your blog!

Lindsey Turner

Anonymous said...

This WAS a great savings for you & wow...put that designer to shame~ : )

Anonymous said...

That anonymous was me - Flo - btw. Google is not letting me comment with my account name! grrrrr.

Carrie @ Hazardous Design said...

It certainly LOOKS like you spent more than $625 on this room! Great job!

Anonymous said...

It looks fantastic! Your white colours wouldn't stay white for long at my place, but you know your kids better ;)

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