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Sunday, June 5, 2011

The Room Reveal

Hi All,
Well, I am pleased to say that one room in our house is almost complete!  Rooms are never really done, now are they?
After our garage sale, the girls playroom looked like this:
after garage sale 015
I was losing my mind!  So, we decided an overhaul was needed.  And now:hall table and playroom 018
My favorite part…this comfy couch!  Read about it here.
cabinet 006
Thrifty cabinet makeover!  Read about it here.
Next, we had to house the tv and all the Wii games.  In came my latest love.
armoire 012 hall table and playroom 020
A few much needed accessories.
hall table and playroom 004
IKEA Curtains.
hall table and playroom 007
IKEA rug.
hall table and playroom 019
Magnetic boards and a picture.
hall table and playroom 017
Just letting them know there is life outside Ohio.  They have been to London and NY…no Paris though.
hall table and playroom 014
All sun burned and tired.
hall table and playroom 022
The chalkboard is from The Ohio State University Union, where I would study.  They recently overhauled that building and we got the chalkboard through an auction.
Now, lets revisit the before.
after garage sale 015
There was a daybed to the left and crap everywhere else.  I should note: the playroom is upstairs along with a guest room and two girls bedrooms.  Basically, they “own” the upstairs.  It was pretty easy to shut the door for a while and deny that room existed.
Now, we love this room and call it “The Den”.  It’s too nice to be a playroom.  In fact, Hubby and I watched a movie in there on Saturday night.
 hall table and playroom 018
Have a great week!  Kids are out on Thursday, so it’ll be a busy week!
Metamorphosis Monday @ Between Naps On The Porch


Polly said...

Wow! It looks fabulous!! Love everything! That rug had my name on it last time we went to Ikea. But my husband couldn't see my vision! Now seeing your room, I really really really want it!! Next Ikea trip will be husbandless!! :-)

Great job Shannon!

Anonymous said...

Kids feet on your new white slipcover... You're brave!
Looks amazing!!!!!!!!
When are we taking the kids to Paris?
xo Ra

Carrie @ Hazardous Design said...

Omg I can't believe it is the same room! It looks amazing!
I love those curtains, but I think my favorite part is the tv cabinet.

michelle@decorandthedog said...

It looks so comfy!! Lucky girls!!

Unknown said...

I love how this turned out too!

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