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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Lazy Days

Hi All,

Well, summer is in full swing here.  Sleeping in, no crazy schedule and lots of family time.

This will work for us for about a week.  The sleeping in thing may last but the rest…not so much.

I will have a few before and after shots coming early next week, but in the meantime, I thought I would share what has been keeping me busy.

cottage swim meet 057

Some swimming.  We had our first meet this week.  The girls swam great.  They are in the same age group this year, so they actually competed against each other and swam on the same relay teams.  Some family competition.  Thankfully, there were no tears or smack downs.

cottage swim meet 034

Daughter #2, ready for back stroke.

cottage swim meet 048

Daughter #1 showing off that sweet breast stroke turn.

cottage swim meet 043

Daughter #1 is strong in fly.  Someone asked if I was a swimmer, because she has such great form.  I am still laughing at the thought!

On to some decorating projects!

cottage swim meet 015

This is a project that I am proud to share.  But I have to wait a bit longer until I get the okay to reveal it in it’s finished state.

cottage swim meet 025

Here is the star of my current project.  Yes, it has duck tape on it.  This is for a client.  Yes, a client!  I am so excited to have this project and to be able to share it next week.

While I am being a bit lazy, I am still working some painting into my daily schedule.

I plan to change some things up late next week as I switch venues and begin some cottage projects.

Make it a great weekend and enjoy a few lazy days!




Carrie @ Hazardous Design said...

Such cute daughters you have!
I'd love to spend my summer like you are :)

Liliana said...

Your daughters are so cute Shannon!
Have a nice summer!

Polly said...

Cutie patooties!! It's so cool that they love to swim! I was on swim team for about a minute.....I just wasn't competitive enough!! Butterfly is such a difficult stroke!! Yay for your girls! Happy summer!!

Anonymous said...

I used to do swimming comps when I was about their age. The memories... That butterfly really looks great.

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