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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Inspiring Homes

Hi All,

I have photos to share!  They are not of my home, or finished projects no shots of my kids either.

Our family went to the Parade of Homes.  I grabbed my small camera and had no control of lighting, so they are not the best.  I also had Hubby and kids with me, and they were not as into it as I was.  Excuse the date stamp too.

Enough excuses…

  Parade of Homes 006

Loved this office and all the furniture in the first home.

Parade of Homes 005

Where’s the clutter?

Parade of Homes 007

Great nooks all throughout the home.

Parade of Homes 009

On my to-do-list.

Parade of Homes 010

Parade of Homes 011

Oh, how I wish I owned this baby!

Parade of Homes 029 Parade of Homes 024 Parade of Homes 033 Parade of Homes 035


Parade of Homes 014

Parade of Homes 015

The kitchen was fabulous!

Parade of Homes 018

Parade of Homes 020

The builder used salvaged barn wood for the mudroom (above) and the bar (below).

Parade of Homes 037

Parade of Homes 042

I have the perfect spot for this.

Parade of Homes 039

The basements were well done in most of the homes.  Theater rooms are still the rage.

Parade of Homes 040

I inquired about buying that coffee table.  No dice.  The pillows are great too.

Parade of Homes 045

Unfortunately, this home is sold.  I love everything about it.  This builder always does a great job.  Since I won’t be moving in, I figure I can borrow some of their ideas.

Isn’t it fabulous?  Anyone in Columbus been to the Parade?

Have a great day!




Jamie said...

Beautiful! I want the floor tile in that bathroom.

Carrie @ Hazardous Design said...

This is awesome! We try to visit my parents in Columbus every summer to go to the parade, but we had to skip it this year. My parents sent me some pictures and between yours and theirs, it almost makes me feel like I was there!

Anonymous said...

Every time I see an office like that, it makes me wish for proper office space, not like my little corner...

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