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Friday, June 3, 2011

In Thrifty Fashion

My impromptu trip to IKEA yesterday was a success!  I abandoned my to-do list, hopped in the car and drove 2 hours to that heavenly place.  Why?

I scored a sectional couch on Craigslist late Wednesday night.  Now, I am not a buyer of used soft goods.  In fact I usually run from them.  However, the couch is completely slip covered.  So, I needed a new slipcover from IKEA.

We are in the process of making our kids playroom into a cool hangout area, just in time for summer.  Here is the couch with the new slipcover!

couch 001

Isn’t she pretty?  All white (for now).  It will be a great place to lounge.

Because I’m cheap thrifty, I needed a good deal to get this room moving along.   I scored the couch for $325 (retail $1000) and the slipcover $99.

In the scratch and dent area at IKEA, I snagged a red slipcover for $10.  Yes, $10, retail $299.  So when we tire of the white, I have a back-up!

Hope to have the room complete by Sunday to share on Monday!  All done on a budget!

Have a great weekend!




The Painted Parlor said...

Score. Ten bucks?! Thats awesome!


Jane @ Jane's Junk and Treasures said...

$10....... SHUT UP!!!!!!!! And RED!!!!!!

I can't wait for my IKEA to open!!!!!

Polly said...


Anonymous said...

That white couch wouldn't stay white for long at my place. It looks like an awesome canvas for my kids to draw on! Enjoy it ;)

Anonymous said...

so fresh looking.
love it!
too nice for kids!
would love to hang out on that couch with you....with vino in hand!
xo ra

fran @ eleven-o-one said...

Huge transformation on the room. Love it! I have a white slipcovered sofa (and 2 little boys) and I love mine. Managed to get a green backup set, too. You scored well!

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